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An 8 Year Old’s Brain

A strange thing happened to me earlier tonight which made me think about how my kids are perceiving the bigger world other than food, play, football and school … I think thats all they have to think about at the moment?

I have always made sure my kids have been brought up to appreciate what they have, and to appreciate how hard Dave & I to work to achieve what we have. I started to feel really guilty earlier on in the year when we both had been away a few times at the SES London conference and then Amsterdam for a week at A4U Expo and AAC. I asked the kids if they minded the fact that we had been away for a while. Miles, my oldest said that he didn’t mind as he understood that we worked hard and had to go away for business.

Tonight I was bathing the kids while Dave finished off cooking our meal, so that we could all regroup to watch the new Incredible Hulk movie on Blu-Ray. Miles was ready to get out of the bath and I was saying “Come on, out of the bath now” only to be replied to with “Can’t I just lay back and relax for a bit while you do some womans work?”. LOL, I was pretty taken aback and when I asked what womens work I could be doing, Miles said “washing up, cleaning or other stuff you know”.


I have a slight concern that why do my kids still have this perception of women even though I am setting a good role model to them for women, the fact that I work from 9am to 5pm running Bronco… plus I deal with the kids in the morning getting them ready for school and taking them to school, and then in the evening picking them up, sorting out their tea, helping with their homework and then getting them ready for bed.

So what is typical “womens work” these days or do we just have to double up on tasks, working for a living plus doing the normal household tasks?

Photography by Normann Copenhagen


  • Elaine

    just don’t get me started!!!!

  • Becky

    @elaine …. lol i’m sure you have got a tale or 2 to tell!

  • evilgreenmonkey

    My mum would have either beaten me or made me wash my mouth out with soap for that. I’d personally make him wear a dress and do double chores for that comment. OK, maybe I won’t be a great dad!

  • Guy

    I cringe at some of the stuff I can remember saying when I was kid. Just repeating things that I’d heard other people say. The reason I remember these odd things is the pain that followed when asked ‘why’ and then realising that I didn’t understand what I’d just said, and was just repeating stuff from my peers.

    Anyway – nice photo from Normann. It’s one of my most admired pieces of design, they’re beautiful to look at, and incredibly useful – especially in a belfast sink.