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ASDA Home Delivery

I did a post a few weeks ago about Tesco and how they were steadily taking over the UK, becoming the one stop shop for everyone. I normally avoid using the big supermarkets if I can and tend to use my local Coop shop for general food, but have fallen into the Tesco trap at work and use their delivery service every few weeks. When I do a Tesco order it will be for heavy stuff like bottles of water, coke, sprite etc and lots of biscuits to keep the kitchen at work stocked up, and they were the only supermarket that delivered in Ripon. I don’t particularly like fueling the giant that Tesco has become.

Then recently I saw an ASDA delivery van in Ripon so decided to give it a go. I have just finished the order that I started last night and have got it coming to the house rather than work which means with this delivery I can stock up with the food for the weekend too. So how does the ASDA site compare to Tesco’s.


At first when I went onto the ASDA site it was a little daunting as to what to do as I had become so used to Tesco with my favourites all set up and delivery addresses. Once I had signed up for an account on ASDA which was really easy, I was into the shop and looking at the products. The product layout is different to Tesco and I think better as they manage to fit more products onto the screen so that you can quickly scan through them. The offers seem to be better too with some good multisaves available. I actually found that the ASDA bottled water worked out cheaper than Tesco with a multisave, at 20.8p a bottle compared to 22.5p. It can make a bit of difference when you go through about 100+ bottles of water a week.

The ASDA site feels really friendly when you are on it, and has a lot of the same functionality to Tescos with the basket on the right hand side that allows you to increase or decrease quantities easily. It can also suggest items that you may need for your fridge, freezer or cupboard to help you get everything that you need.

I started the order last night and booked my delivery slot for this afternoon but the site was going SO slowly that it took me ages to get everything I needed added to the basket, and by the time I went to the checkout I had missed the 10pm cut off time for the next day delivery. With Tesco I have previously been ordering around midnight for a morning delivery the next day. So when I had spent loads of time last night, only to miss the cut off that was it … I was really annoyed with ASDA.


But tonight, still needing all the supplies for work, decided to give them another go. It certainly beats having to go to the local Morrisons or Sainsbury’s at the weekend and I didn’t want to end up back at Tescos. So I logged on and a nice “Welcome Back” massage came up which made me feel a little happier especially as my basket from last night was still there all intact. The speed of the site was fine today and I got the last few items added and checked out. The delivery is due tomorrow morning so we’ll see what they are like. If they get here on time without substituting all my products then I’ll be switching to ASDA from now on. Hopefully Goodbye Tesco!


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  • Mrs Ward

    Can you let me know if you deliver to my postcode which is LN8 5SE.

  • Becky

    @mrs ward, yes they do delivery to your postcode. On the Adsa shopping site you can check the delivery postcode and it will confirm that they are in your area

  • huma

    hi, my name is huma siddiqui and i just wanted to write about my home delivery nightmare today. The driver called to find my building so I gave him directions and told him that if he brought a lifting fork it would be easy for him to carry all the groceries to my flat door in one trip as the flat was on the third floor at which point he said that would not be possible as he was not allowed to enter any premises. I then called asda at 08448733333 and spoke to a lady and told her that me and my husband have gotten things ordered from asda before and I always gotten things delivered to my flat door at which point the customer service representative lady assured me that she would call and speak to the manager and get him to call the driver to clear the misunderstanding. When the driver arrived he not only refused to carry the groceries to my door (which included 4 boxes of diapers and 4 cans of powdered milk among other large and bulky items) he was also extremely rude when I asked him to help me with the groceries as I was alone with my 2yr old son and couldn’t manage so many things by myslef. He said “I could help u but I mite trip and fall and get a brain hemorrhage or something” at that point I had to carry all the things myself while he waited for me in the lobby. I was too angry to argue with a rude young man at my buildings entrance. I had to make 5 trips from the main door to the lift and 5 trips from the lift to my flat carrying all the groceries with my 2 yr old son.
    I cannot believe asda has such incompetent RUDE idiots working for them.
    I have written to asda abt this this incident and i am waiting to see what they are going to do regarding this incident and weather i will even get an apology. I shall henceforth never order from asda again.

  • Withheld

    Unfortunately Asda drivers are not allowed to let the van out of their sight and they are advised not to enter any lifts and that the customer should meet them at the entrance to their building, its Asda policy I’m afraid

  • toni burton

    Asda home delivery is terrible, I missed a delivery at 10.11 and called helpline at 10.12 only missed it by seconds taking bin out, I was told that as it was so close they could turn it and redeliver but at 10.16 I got a call saying that is not the case and they had cancelled my order and I would have to re-order (like hell) what they dont take into account s that when you use a card payment it goes into pending and can take 4 days to re-enter your bank until then it is not available income, so if like me you spent alot shopping you really dont have the money to do it again, so now I have to borrow money to feed my family, excellent ASDA.