My experience of running a business and a home

About Becky Naylor

A brief introduction to me …

I lead a busy life running a Digital Agency company in Yorkshire called Bronco with my husband, Dave. We have owned the company since 2003 and during that time we have grown the company year on year to become a leading agency in the UK. We have a great team of guys in the company who make Bronco the success it is and also most importantly make it enjoyable to come to work every day which encourages us to continue putting in all the effort.

On a personal level I have been married to Dave for 15 years and we have been together since 1996. Thats over a third of my life, but time has just flown by and we have had a lot of fun on the way. We have 2 gorgeous boys, Miles 12 and Ethan 11, who fill my life with so much joy, as well as the usual maternal worries and stresses. They keep me busy and I am loving seeing them grow up and develop. They are both really bright and intelligent and are like sponges with new information. About 7 years ago they both got laptops for Christmas which just goes to show the changing times and how tech savvy kids are becoming at an early age.

In my life I have to keep organised to be able to run a company and run a home, and a key skill to that is being able to multi task and be a decision maker. I hope with this blog to be able to share some of the varied experiences that I have in both work and at home.

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