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A4UExpo Munich and the Ash Cloud

Getting ready to attend a conference with Dave takes quite a lot of organisation and planning. It was back at the start of the year that the plane tickets were booked for Munich on Monday, and over the last few weeks Dave has been getting his presentation sorted for his first session on Day 1 (with a little help from myself and the team) and I’ve been getting all the plans in place to leave the kids at home with grandparents and leave the guys at the office.

We’re intending to get to Munich on Monday afternoon after an early start to get to Manchester airport. The A4U Expo runs on Tuesday and Wednesday and with Dave having sessions on both days we are staying for the full conference but heading home on Wednesday night, back in the office on Thursday morning.

I’ve been checking today with regards to the ash cloud as I have said to Dave that I personally can’t risk getting stuck abroad, so I’m starting to get a little worried about leaving. At the end of May we go away for a week to Spain with the kids, and if we get stuck then I won’t be that bothered as we’ll have the kids with us, but I don’t want to get stuck in Munich.

The latest reports aren’t looking too good. One report from today is that even though the eruption of the volcano hasn’t intensified, the wind has changed which may cause disruption to UK flights over the next few days. The British Department of Transport have said that there could be a risk that part of British airspace could be closed at the start of Sunday with problems continuing until Tuesday. The German regulators have also said that there could be disruptions starting Monday, and they will be making a decision tomorrow after a scheduled test flight to evaluate the ash cloud.

So it’s a bit of a waiting game, but hopefully all of the planning won’t be wasted, and that we both manage to get to Munich for A4U along with everyone else heading that way over the next few days.


  • James Little

    Also speaking out there and getting a little worried now myself, I guess we’ll find out tomorrow… Hopefully it’ll all blow over.

  • Matthew

    We’ll have to keep our fingers crossed Becky! We are heading out either tomorrow morning or Monday if not by air by car so the show will go on!

    As James says its so fluid it could dissapear as soon as its arrived.

    p.s whilst writing this I’ve just heard for BMI are operating all flights tomorrow as usual for instance.