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A4U Expo Amsterdam Day 2

After managing not to have such a late night at the Breakout party we headed to the RAI Amsterdam for Day 2 of the A4UExpo. The first session we went to was Karl, Ben & Steven’s from the Conversion Rate Experts. They always give a good insighe into how to improve the conversion of users to website and during the site clinic gave some great tips. One of the main tips I got from the session was to think about the call to action on the Thank you page after checkout. On the majority of the sites that we build and that I use, once you have paid, you tend just to get a “Thank you” and nothing else. The best thing to have on this page is a Refer a Friend program.

After having a good lunch we then went to see Sri Sharma in his PPC session. He spoke about Increasing Quality, Improving CTR, Increasing Conversions and Decreasing costs. Lots of interesting information and reaffirmed that what we do and use in house is pretty much spot on for effective PPC Management.

Dave was then interviewed by A4UExpo, and that was pretty much the end of the conference for us. We were meant to go and see the Conversion Rate guys again, but missed their session as we got chatting. A4UExpo ended with a Beach Party and barbeque that was at the back of the RAI conference centre, and we spent the early evening in the sunshine at the free bar.

The 29th April or the eve of Queens Day is a big event for the Dutch. Its a bit like New Years Eve, so after the Beach party we headed into Amsterdam, went to quite a few bars and had a very late night!


  • Christoph C. Cemper

    Hey Becky,

    it was great meeting you here in Amsterdam – I enjoyed the time with you & Dave – after all, you don’t get BOB’ed every day, do you?? *g*


  • Kean

    Uh oh. I feel extra functionality being added to our E-commerce systems from now on.