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A4U Expo Amsterdam Day 1

This week I’m in Amsterdam with Dave at the A4UExpo. We first went to A4U in London last year and had a great conference. The Amsterdam one is much bigger and has over 800 delegates with a great list of speakers. This morning we managed to get to the RAI centre in time to see Joost de Valk give his presentation on SEO for WordPress. If there is anything that you need to know about WordPress then Joost will know. He gave a really good talk in an amazing auditorium, giving away 40 top tips for good WordPress … some of which I need to get implemented on here when I get back into the office.

One of the tips was to improve the overall speed of your blog, with good CSS and coding and use WP Super Cache with Gzip enabled. Then to do all the good SEO techniques to sort permalinks, post titles, meta descriptions etc. To keep the blog well maintained, backed up, to optimise the database and remove unless widgets and plugins. A really good tip was the social aspect and to have a easy way to refer a friend if they leave a comment for the first time, or sign up to the newsletter.

Next was onto the Extreme SEO Panel which included Dave, Marcus Tandler, Joost, Dixon Jones, Bob Rains and Ciaran Norris. It was as promised a lively and interesting session with lots of questions and up to the minute SEO tips.

There was lunch served at the conference but there were huge queues, so we decided to go to a local restaurant. One thing that we are becoming to realise very quickly is that the Dutch don’t like to rush, so by the time we ordered the drinks, the food, and waited for it to turn up it was a race to see who could finish first so we could pay and leg it back to RAI for the 3pm session Dave, Marcus, Bob and Gary Beal were speaking in.

Dave’s session was on Big Site SEO and he had a whole hour to himself to give his presentation and answer questions. Dave still gets nervous before a session even though he is a seasoned veteran. The pressure mounted as the room was packed … but he did a great job, stayed focused and gave some good info to the audience.

We then decided to grab a beer and go back to the Auditorium to catch the Super Affliate Panel, with Sri Sharma, Pascal Fantou, Marcus and a guy who was a great moderator who stepped in for Shak (can’t remember his name doh!). It was another great panel and Sri was very interesting to listen to as he spoke about his company and being an affiliate through paid search. We used to do lots of affiliate stuff a while ago but moved more into SEO. Coming to the affiliate conferences is starting to reinspire us to get back into this sector using all of the knowledge we already have plus with the benefit of knowing the SEO side of things too.

Tonight is the Breakout party down in Amsterdam, and then tomorrow there are some sessions I’ve marked as ones to go and see so best not make it a late night!