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A weekend at Alton Towers

For the recent Bank Holiday weekend we spent 2 nights at the Splash Landings hotel at Alton Towers. This was also to coincide with Miles’ 11th bithday and was a treat for the kids to finish off the summer holidays.

We went all out and booked into one of the themed Pirate bedrooms which also came with its own reserved parking space which was really cool. I’d read about the themed bedrooms so we were all really excited, and were very impressed how they manage to transform what would be a normal hotel room. When we walked in we were greeted by a pirates voice welcoming us onboard. Even when you went into the bathroom the pirate came into action.

The pictures make it look really light, but it was quite a dimly lit room which added to the atmosphere. There were games to play for the kids and there was even a treasure chest with loads of chocolate coins in that they had to crack the combination on the locks before it would open.

Oh by the way, even the lifts in the hotel play a kind of sea shanty music when you’re travelling in it. We had a round of Adventure Golf when we arrived on Sunday afternoon which was really cool … and I won!

and in the afternoon headed to the amazing Cariba Creek for a couple of hours riding the water slides and splashing around. It’s really well set up and there’s a cool structure that you can climb up with lots of taps, buckets and squirters where you can generally get other people wet. You can see the pool from the hotel which keeps you entertained for a good while.

We spent Bank holiday Monday in the theme park, and as a hotel guest you can get in an hour earlier so we got on a couple of the big rides like Oblivion and Th13rteen before the hoards arrived. But what was really surprising was that Alton Towers was really quiet and it turns out that because everyone thinks it will be heaving on a bank holiday they don’t go, so all day we didn’t have to queue more than 5 minutes anywhere, so went on pretty much everything. We’ve got lots of “on ride” pictures, the ones that you buy, so I need to get them scanned in and uploaded as they are really great.

Here’s a picture of Dave and Miles on Air that I managed to capture. I didn’t get to go on this one as Ethan thought I would fall out and die!

and here’s a pic of me and Ethan on the Sky Ride shortly before it ground to a halt when the power cut out… scary!

It was a great weekend and with the 2 day theme park pass and 2 day Cariba Creek pass the days were full of fun. The restaurants were very good and we ate at Flambos Exotic Feast on the first night which is an all you can eat buffet, then had a lovely meal in The Secret Garden at the adjoining Alton Towers hotel on the second night. The only nightmare bit was breakfast where everyone is up early and we ended up queuing longer for breakfast than we did for any rides.

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