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A Trip to Rome

We’ve spent the last 3 days exploring Rome, and had an amazing time. Its been a City that we have wanted to go to for ages so I’m glad we’ve finally got it ticked off the “bucket list”. Rome is such a historical City with buildings dating back to the 1st Century, which is just such a crazy long time ago. In the UK we are surrounded by old buildings but the sights in Rome beat anything in the UK hands down. Every street you go down has crazy old buildings tucked alongside buildings that are a few hundred years old like this,

Then you have crazily ornate buildings that would have taken years to complete, like

Then you have the famous buildings that you read about but when you’re stood there, they blow you away as they are so spectacular. The one that took our breathe away was the Pantheon. We walked down quite a narrow street, turned a corner, then were faced with this

Here are the other guide book highlights….

Basilica di San Pietro, Vatican City

Castel Sant Angelo



Fontana di Trevi

Piazza Novona

Monumento a Vittorio Emanuele II

My camera doesn’t really do the sights justice, but Dave took his big Canon camera so more pics to come when they get sorted.

Also we stayed in the Hotel Artemide on Via Nationale which I would totally recommend. It is a great 4 star hotel, with a lovely rooftop bar and restaurant, and within walking distance of all the attractions. Really comfy rooms, with a free mini bar and lots of lovely smellies in the bathroom.


  • kelvin collins

    Great shots girl. Well done. And you still made it home in time for the jubilee, that’s patriotic!

  • Richard Hunt

    A well put together collection of some of historic Rome. I have always liked Italy, but never made Rome, I shall have to put it on the itinerary, it was on this year but we had a change of plan.

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