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A Steady Growth of a Company

Tonight the boss of Toyota, Akio Toyoda, went in front of the US Congress to apologise about the safety problems that have arisen on many of the Toyota car models, that have caused fatalities and a massive international recall. I have always believed that if something has gone wrong that the best thing that you can do is apologise rather than try to make excuses, and he was very humble in his speech.

One of the main reasons he gave for the safety problems that have occurred was that he believed,

“We pursued growth over the speed at which we were able to develop our people and our organisation and we should be sincerely mindful of that.”

This is key to any organisation no matter what size you are, that you keep controlled growth to enable the company to retain high quality and that employees are all well trained and fit into the company culture that exists. One thing that I have always kept a handle on at Bronco is the growth. If Dave had his way we would have a dozen web developers and a huge team of SEO’s, but I have always been the one to question how we need to grow.

If you have a big influx of people into a company, without the necessary training and procedures in place then things can go wrong. As Bronco grows year on year we have only taken on people who will fit in with the existing team and only when we need to. We try to keep the company very streamlined while ensuring that everyone is happy from staff to clients.

I always like to keep control on every account that we handle from web dev, to PPC, to SEO and some days I feel I need to have a memory upgrade to fit in all the information, but I suppose it’s something that I feel I am quite good at, to be able to remember lots of information and to switch tasks quickly. For instance today in the space of 15 minutes I was helping to build a keyword list for a new PPC client, speaking on the phone to a web dev client that is days from launch, to then talking with Dave about an SEO proposal that I’m sorting out.

The reason why controlled growth is key to Bronco is similar to the statement that Akio Toyoda made,

“All the Toyota vehicles bear my name. For me, when the cars are damaged, it is as though I am as well.”

If anything goes wrong with anything at Bronco then its myself and Dave that have to pick up the pieces and would be the ones, like Mr Toyoda, apologising, hopefully not to the US Congress, but to a client. We plan to continue growing as we take on more clients but in a very stable and controlled way as this so far has made the strong team that we have today.

Akio Toyoda’s statement in full to US Congress

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