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A spot of birdwatching

Living in a rural City has many benefits, and one thing that I love is the amount of birds that we get in the garden everyday. I have been feeding the birds everyday for the last few years and we now get a lovely bunch of birds come everyday at different times, for different food. I think my “feeding station” is a bit like an “All You Can Eat” buffet at times!

Here are some of our daily visitors …

(Click to enlarge the photos for a better look, and thanks to Dave for taking the pics for me 🙂 )

We are surrounded by big trees so we have quite a few of these giant, food guzzlers.. the mighty wood pigeon (very different from the normal pesky urban pigeon)

wood pigeon

Next up we have the handsome blackbird


And what about the greedy starling


Staying on the same colour trend what about the cheeky jackdaw .. I just love his eyes


Then a bird that was once really common, but numbers are dropping, the trusty sparrow


Let’s get some colour now, how about the chirpy blue tit (slightly out of focus)

blue tit

Next up one of my favourites, the bright and bold chaffinch


How can we beat the chaffinch … well what about these guys … 2 male goldfinches. These have just returned to the garden in the last couple of weeks after being away during the winter. These 2 came all last year, every day together, to feed on their ultimate favourite meal of niger seeds.

gold finch

Then to finish off is what we think is the female goldfinch and a young looking blue tit.

female goldfinch

We have a robin that comes every day too, and I’ll get a shot of him soon, and sometimes the red spotted woodpecker pays us a visit, but I haven’t seen him for a while.


  • Richard

    Nice pictures, Becky. My parents have a lot of birds in their garden. I find the RSPB Bird Identification a helpful tool

  • judith hunt

    The bird in the pic that you thought was a female goldfinch is a bramling…how fabulous is that, I very occasionally see one. Good spotting,its great fun.

  • Becky

    Hi Mum… Just checked my bird book for the bramling and it looks more browns than the yellowy bird. What about a siskin?

  • Becky

    Thanks to the RSPB @natures_voice for suggesting that the mystery bird in the bottom picture is likely to be a Siskin

  • Judith Hunt

    Looking at it again, it’s definately a siskin as the bramling tends to be a winter visitor. Colours look so different on computer compared to phone.
    Try this fabulous website and put your pics on and also get answers to any queries in identification