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A New Wooden Garden Shed

As part of the “grand plan” we needed to get a big shed in the garden so that most of the gardening stuff that is in the garage can be shifted to different storage. The previous owners of the house used to have a shed at the back of the house which we never got round to replacing .. but last weekend in Bristol we decided that we had to get it sorted. I bought the shed online, and after doing some searches found Waltons sheds and was surprised that if I ordered before noon on Thursday that we could get it delivered on Saturday. Now thats fast! We had a maximum of 5′ x 7′ for the shed but couldn’t do a normal shed where the door is on the narrow side, but I found this one that has the door on the longer side. It looks a bit like a jail cell on the picture, but its a shed so who cares. I paid for an “all day” saturday delivery so had no idea when it would turn up except that they would call 30 mins before the delivery.

After clearing the area that the shed was going to be situated on after work on Friday evening I was surprised when my mobile was ringing at 6.30am on Saturday morning to say the shed was about to be delivered. I think thats the earliest I’ve been up on a Saturday morning for years … luckily the weather was fine as the truck drew up at 6.45am to unload. With the kids still asleep and both of us up there was no better time than to start the build.

We finished the shed before midday, so it took a bit of time to build and get the roof on. That included the extra time to have breakfast once the kids were up, and to go to the local builder to get come more roofing feltg as the one that came with the shed was crap and had melted at one end so was all stuck together. Once we built the shed we also decided to rip off the back gate (which was really hard work) and chop down a tree next to the shed so that it opened up the side passage to the house. Here are some pics below of how it went…


  • Carl

    Hi Becky, I follow Dave, but took time to read your post about your shed, I must be busy on a Monday morning.

    Might want to use this plugin for displayng pictures…

  • Mel Carson

    Does it have Wi-Fi?

  • Anthony

    Did Dave build that by himself? .. Is it safe? =D

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