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A New Dwarf Russian Hamster

Today after a trip to Harrogate in Bob the Camper Van we stopped off at the big Pets at Home just to get some cat food and ended up coming home with a new dwarf Russian Hamster. She was so cute that when we saw her on display we couldn’t resist. We used to have a hamster up until about a year ago but that one met a terrible fate, and because this new one is a dwarf breed we needed a new cage and all the new kit. So we left Pets at Home after about half an hour laden down. The new little hamster is still nameless and settling in, here are her first pics.

hammy 3
hammy 2
hammy 1

So if you have any suggestions of what she can be called let me know.


  • Grace

    I have a russian dwarf and hes called Boris!!

  • kesava

    awwww shes so cuteee!!!