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A Day Out in Knaresborough

Knaresborough is only a few miles away (only 11) from where we live but we have not been as a family for a touristy day trip. After seeing Chew’s lovely pics of Knareborough on her blog made me plan a day out to see the sites for oursleves, so on Bank Holiday Monday, as a bit of a birthday day out for Miles we headed there to visit Mother Shipton’s cave and have a walk along the river.

mother shipton's cave

We loved the stunning houses that were lining the valley of the river alongside the impressive viaduct. A definite retirement possibility apart from the lack of garage space and too many people walking past your front door!

knaresborough viaduct

Mother Shipton’s is renowned for the Petrifying Well, with the oldest items being the Victorian top hat and ladies bonnet that can be seen high up on the wall.

petrifying well

The water is so calcified there are warning signs not to drink it!

petrifing items

miles and ethan

Here’s me at the Wishing Well.. you have to put your right hand in the water, make a wish while your hand is still there and then let your hand dry naturally. Of course I can’t tell you what I wished for 🙂

wishing well

We also walked along Beech Avenue with some of the oldest and biggest beech trees in the country, they were stunning…

beech trees

but not all of them survive…

beech avenue

A great family day out and certainly a place to visit again.

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  • Chew

    It’s a lovely place indeed for a nice walk and a family day out, glad you had a lovely time… and it’s nice to know that someone’s actually reading my blog post too 🙂