My story with Dave, the kids, Cooper, VW's & rugby

A Day at the Olympics

So today we went to the Olympics!

We didn’t venture to the capital but went North to Newcastle to watch Brazil v New Zealand at St. James’ Park. The kids spent a couple of years going to Brazilian Soccer School to learn some silky smooth skills so it was a real treat to see the Brazilian team in action. We all had a really great day and its something else ticked off the list of things to do.

It was really well organised from stepping off the train, the walk to St. James Park was a good build up to the match.

The stand had had a full Olympic makeover

Here’s me and Ethan at the match

and Miles looking excited

The teams came out, the stands were pretty full with a loud Brazilian band playing throughout the match, with loads of international press about.

Here’s a bit of an action shot just before a goal

Then it was onto spotting the kids heros, here’s Neymar taking a corner

Then we had Pato warming up before he went on, right by us

and then came Hulk

Fantastic day and one to remember. Brazil won 3 – 0. Now we just have to see how long the kids will be wearing their Brazil flag tattoos on their faces 🙂