My story with Dave, the kids, Cooper, VW's & rugby

A 2013 View of Centerparcs

This weekend we did our annual trip to Centerparcs..this year we went to Whinfell.. and its likely to be our last as not only have we now got Cooper so we will be going on more dog friendly holidays in the future, but to be pretty frank about it, it’s got so stupidly expensive for a weekend away, there are better places you could go.

We have been going to Centerparcs for many years with the kids and its always been pricey, but the last few years it seems that everything has just increased in price and you are paying for absolutely everything in some form or manner … we spent well over a grand just on the accommodation and activities before we even got there.

Anyway the reason for the post wasn’t to moan, but to say what a great time we had. This year as per the 2013 culture we just went with our phones and left all the good camera equipment at home. It’s surprising these days what people put up with in terms of picture quality, its like going back to watching VHS tapes rather than HD Blu-rays. Cameras on phones are getting better but you still can’t beat the image quality from a “proper” camera.

Anyway here are a few snaps of the weekend.

We booked a Lakeside Lodge this year and what an amazing location with a great view.


We were treated to some pets to look after for the weekend

becky feeding ducks

dave feeding ducks

Here is one of the cutie ducklings


We did a few activities during the weekend, including Badminton


Field Archery which was excellent, going around the woods hunting pretend animals rather than targets


The kids did the Caving Adventure which they really enjoyed


And we had a couple of sessions of 10 pin bowling and the final game was really close between me and Ethan (Neymar!) as he got a spare on the last go, to then have an extra bowl ending up with 107 to my 100. The kids both played really well.

Ethan wins

and while we were all having fun.. Cooper was being looked after by my sister and Kelvin at our house. Here’s Cooper having a bit of help completing a long walk at the weekend 🙂