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900 Workers Sacked from Lindsey Oil Refinery

Earlier on in the year there was a spate of strikes and walkouts which started at Lindsey Oil Refinery, which spread to other refineries in the UK. This was at a time when the country was pretty much on its knees. The strike started when contract workers thought it was wrong that a certain contract went to an Italian company rather than going to them. But the work was tendered out and for whatever reason the Italian firm won the tender, so got the work. It was not a discrimination against UK workers, but a business decision to go with the best quote… something that happens all the time.


But the contract workers went on strike, causing problems for Total and this spread to other refineries. Over the last few months there have been more problems and lots of “talks” going on with bosses and the unions. The latest news is that following this weeks strikes where workers were protesting about other potential redundancies, that last night 900 workers have been sacked.

In a way it makes total sense. These workers had a job, maybe they didn’t love the company that they worked for but it was still a job, and with the economy as it is with loads of people losing their job, this isn’t the time to be striking and moaning. So now the 900 workers won’t be getting any redundancy pay and will be looking for a new job today and probably wondering if the striking was really worth it.

It’s similar to the recent strikes by the Underground workers in London. What do they think that they will really achieve, bringing London to a standstill at this current time, to fight for a pay increase. They are lucky that they have a job and I’m sure there would be plenty of people happy to have a job working for London Transport on the £30k – £40k salary that they were moaning about.

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  • Driveways

    thats spot on Becky, this is not the time to be going on strike when we are still in free fall with the economy and workers being laid off all over the country