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My Poor Neglected Blog

Why don’t I have time to blog anymore? Its one of my major frustrations, so I need to find time to dedicate some more time to my blog. I barely manage to scrape one post a month at the moment and I have lots of things that I want to add but lots of other things come before it. I did wonder if it was because life is becoming a bit “throw away” with major events being shared in 140 characters, and it shouldn’t be like that. I want to look back on my blog and remember what I have been through and how I shape as a person.

We have been doing some work at Bronco over the last few weeks with Bernie Price who is an amazing lady who does team training to create a high performance team. This is for the benefit of Dave and myself as well as the whole company as after 10 years we have reached a stage of maturity and need to set the path straight for the next 10 years and its time to re-evalutate who we are and what we want to become. Its interesting times, and one of the things that came out of the initial meetings is the question of where do you get your energy from. I definately get my energy from being busy, and manage to take on even more and more.

As you know I run Bronco alongside Dave, which in itself is hard work but full of rewards and its great to see how the company has evolved over the years and I’m very proud of its success. Even though I see Dave all day at work and at home too, we also have to make time to do fun stuff together so have a few trips away planned.

We also have 2 sons who are now 13 & 11 … both at a local school that pushes for success and results so with that comes lots of work. Just getting kids up and off to school in the morning as most Mum’s will know is a job in itself. Uniforms, homework, games kits, activities to go to etc.

The kids are mad keen on rugby so that is what takes up most of the weekend with training on Friday evenings, then we’ll be back at the club on a Saturday to watch the 1st or 2nd team in action, then the kids play rugby on a Sunday at home or we will travel to an away ground. Along with playing rugby comes lots of muddy clothes, so its a frequent cycle of washing and scrubbing boots.

We also have Cooper. So added to the pile of things I generally have to do, I have a puppy to look after. Somewhere out of my day there needs to be time for walking him. I love it though and couldn’t think of anything better than a long walk in the countryside. For instance today we went on a long walk in the pouring rain and the wind, both came back drenched but I loved it.

As if I haven’t enough to do we have become much more involved this year in a couple of clubs which combine our hobbies too. We love rugby and VW’s so what better way to spend any other free time.

I now help run the Harrogate and District VW Club which means trying to build a friendly club with regular meet ups where we will go for a drive into the area and then end up at a pub for a catch up. We are also busy planning a summer filled with weekends away at various VW shows and festivals where we will be camping and showing off our vans. Can’t wait for the summer to come. We have met some great people from all walks of life but with a common interest.

Alongside the VW Club, with the kids involvement in the rugby club, and we never seem to be away from the place I have joined the Executive Committee of the club as Communications Officer and do a lot with updating the website and the Pitchero site, and I am also involved with the Fundraising Committee helping to organise events and promotions that will bring money into the club. We have so many great friends at the rugby club its good to be involved and seeing changes happening to keep the club strong in the community.

So sometimes there doesn’t feel to be much left in energy when the day comes to an end but its all about organising time to fit around all the things that I love to do. So I’ll add my blog onto my list of things I love and try to dedicate some more time to it 🙂