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My Bizarre Ethan

The other day I was going through some old photo sets on Flickr and came across a trip to Blackpool in 2007. I absolutely love photos, old and new and they bring back so many memories. Check out these beauties .. he must have been going through a phase as they are all with crazy faces!

ethan blackpool 3 (3)

ethan blackpool 3 (1)

ethan blackpool 3 (2)

but here’s a cute one

ethan blackpool 3 (4)

An Update on Cooper

It’s been a while since I have done a blog post with some Cooper pictures on, so the other day at lunchtime we took the camera to capture a few new shots of him. He is about 7 months old now and I couldn’t imagine our family without him. It is hard work having a dog, but Cooper brings lots of fun and love. He comes to the office everyday with us so at lunchtime we tend to go out along the river and into the nearby fields for a walk.

This is generally what I look like most days, whether its walking the dog or at the rugby club, I never seem to be out of my big coat and wellies at the moment.

This is Cooper now (the last pictures I posted was when he was 3 months old)




Cooper has found his love for fetching a ball and he loves nothing better than when the ball is kind of lost in the long grass so he can sniff it out. This is Cooper flying after his ball


and here he comes chasing back with it


In the Summer we had some lovely walks, but I am really loving Autumn as everything changes so quickly and I just love the autumnal leaves, and so does Cooper.



A quick trip to Milan

Last week Dave and I went to Milan for a few days to attend the SMX conference that Dave was speaking at. Its the first time that a SMX show has been held in Italy so it was good to be asked to be part of it. Italy is a country that I want to see more of, we went to Rome last year with the kids which was great, and I’m planning on at least ticking off Florence and Venice in the near future.

This is what we went to Milan for … here’s Dave with John Meuller from Google and Chris Sherman from SMX as they are prepping to start the session.


Before Dave did his session we had a few hours spare to head into the centre of Milan to see the sights. (I seem to have lost my camera somewhere so I only have my phone pictures for now)

The main attraction in Milan is Duomo cathedral which is a massive, impressive building and when you see it you realise why it took 400 years to build. It sits at the head of a huge open plaza surrounding by amazing buildings. It was a bit drizzly when we were there so all my pictures are a bit dull.


Inside Duomo are huge columns and gorgeous stained glass windows


Across from Duomo is the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II which you enter through a huge archway and then are surrounded by designer brands, superb architecture and details such as the flooring.


Looking up the roof is as impressive as the price tags!


We then went to see Le Scala which was pretty unimpressive from the outside and then stopped for some lunch in a lovely restaurant with tables outside where we could watch the fashionistas go by.


Next up was a mission to track down the AC Milan shop to get the kids a shirt each. They seem to have an array of European football shirts now.


After 2 nights in Milan it was time to head home. I love the picture of the plane that I snapped while we were waiting to board.


Edinburgh U12 Rugby Tour

At the end of October we headed up to Edinburgh by train on Friday after the kids finished school, for Ethan’s U12 rugby tour. We had been looking forward to the trip, as Edinburgh is a great city, but there is something about being on tour with the rugby team..its a load of fun. The theme for the tour was Yorkshire, so it was compulsory to always wear a flat cap and a white rose and we had Yorkshire phrases we had to use. Any rules broken and you could be up in kangeroo court and you wouldn’t want that!

Here are some of the pictures from the tour…

Saturday morning was taken up with rugby at Watsonians ground where the kids played against Watsonians school as well as a touring team from Liverpool. This is a rubbish shot but its some action from Ethan


This is Dave and Miles kitted out pitchside


and here is me with my Yorkshire Terrier 🙂

becky naylor yorkshire

After the morning of rugby we headed to Murrayfield to have a stadium tour which was very interesting going behind the scenes. I loved that they had a tartan pattern in the seats in the stadium. In this picture you can see the special lights that they use to repair the pitch after matches. The ground was massive!



In the evening we were back to Watsonians for a team meal as well as kangeroo court. Fortunately we didn’t get brought before the court but for those that did there was a lot of canapes eaten which consisted of a Weetabix topped with whipped cream, anchovies and chillies along with other delicacies.


The Sunday was more rugby, this time a tournament had been organised. Ripon were playing really well despite the late nights. Ethan scored a great try during one of the matches.. his first! … I was very proud!


Here’s the team at the end of the tournament


And what else did we do… we managed to grab some time to wander through Grassmarket and along the Royal Mile for a bit


and enjoyed the local brew


It was a great trip which the kids really enjoyed as well.. and here’s to many more.

Barcelona in October

I’m a bit behind with my blog posts but I’m planning on getting caught up and sharing the places we have recently been and what we have been up to. So at the beginning of October we headed over to Barcelona for the iGaming Affiliate Conference where Dave was speaking. This was a week after Dave got back from SEOktoberfest and happened to be suferring from an onset of gout so was hobbling, so there was no sightseeing on the agenda. Here are a few shots of the few days we had away.

This is the view of Barcelona from the hotel


We pretty much got entrenched at the little tapas bar across the road from the venue hotel, the Fira Palace and the conference centre. One of my favourite pastimes is people watching so it was a great vantage point.


Here’s Dave doing his stuff


and then getting interviewed by CalvinAyre after the session


When we were there we had a couple of great meals out. The first night we went to a lovely restaurant where they physically showed you all the dishes on the specials menu before you ordered. It was like a beauty parade of plates of food, very bizarre. The next night we went to an amazing Italian restaurant which has the Barcelona team as regular diners, and the only place I know that sells a Nutella calzone!


It was a quick and expensive visit to the Barcelona shop in the airport before heading home


to arrive to Miles in a plaster cast after fracturing his elbow doing rugby training!


Another great trip to Barcelona for the third year running. Here’s when we went in 2011 and 2012.