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Dubs int’ Dales 2013 Recap

We’ve just got back from a great weekend camping at Camp Hill near Bedale for the Dubs int’ Dales End of Season camp out. The show was pulled together in a really short space of time but there was a great turn out of people camping for the weekend as well as day visitors.

We couldn’t make it on the Friday as Dave was heading back from a week in Munich from the SEOktoberfest conference so we headed there on Saturday morning in Bob & Mollie.

bob and mollie

We joined the Harrogate and District VW Club camp that had been organised and we were all set. Since most of us had camped together at Field of Dreams in York a few weeks before we were all pretty organised, and we’d made sure to bring the club flag, the gazebo, the BBQ & charcoal and plenty of logs for the fire…oh and not forgetting the new marshmallow skewers and marshmallows.

HDVW club camp

On Saturday late afternoon there had been a convoy organised to take in some of the local sights. There were loads of vehicles on the cruise as you can see from this video. We’re the first 2 vehicles on the video (we were 3rd and 4th in the convoy), and Mollie was loaded up with the HDVW guys.

Since we were just sleeping for one night and the fact that Dave had been away, I decided that it was easier to hire a bell tent for the night in the grounds of Camp Hill rather than get all the tent gear out again since it was all packed away and dry. This meant we could stay at the club camp until bed time, then we had quite a nice trek across the estate to our home for the night.

Bell tent at camphill

These bell tents had just been put on as extra accommodation for the show, and was not really the glamping experience that it could have been since Camp Hill also do proper glamping. The tent was furnished with camp beds and some bedding, but we still had our sleeping bags. I had an awful night’s sleep… well not much actual sleep, as I was freezing and couldn’t get comfy. I always tend to have a restless night the first night camping though so nothing new there.

The Sunday was Show and Shine day so Mollie was all prepped and entered. Then all we had to do then was relax and wait for the public votes to come in. It was quite exciting waiting for the Show and Shine results since it was a public vote. There was some stiff competition in the “air cooled” category as there was a good amount of vehicles entered.

We managed to get the kids booked in to do an hour of Segways which kept them occupied and they loved it. we did Segways last year for Miles’ birthday at Camp Hill, and we had also done segways when we took Bronco for a fun day out, so they were straight on them and off on their trek.

kids on segways

Later on in the afternoon the results were in .. and amazingly Mollie had done it again and took 1st place for the “Best Aircooled”. Wow! Special thanks again go to Dubtricks for the brilliant and detailed restoration on Mollie.

Best aircooled

Mollie has done well this summer at the 3 shows that she has been to and we now have a little trophy collection going.

mollie's trophies

What a weekend …. loved every bit of it and really looking forward to next year.

My Big Sis Turns 40

Happy Birthday to my big she turns the big FOUR ZERO .. which also means that I won’t be that far behind. We have just spent an amazing weekend at Hagg Hill Hall near Chesterfield with 13 friends, 6 kids and 3 dogs where we ate great food, drank lots of bubbles, dressed up in our 70’s outfits and soaked in the hot tub.

Today though is Mand’s official birthday so what better way to celebrate than to remind my big sis of how we just haven’t changed…

We have always managed to have fun

horse back riding

And look great in 70’s clothes

trendy clothes

And know how to throw great dinner parties

dinner parties

And here’s a couple of pictures of the fun from the party weekend with our different looks 🙂



Have a good one sis 🙂

Field of Dreams 2013

I’ve just about all caught up from being away this weekend camping at a new VW Show in York called Field of Dreams for aircooled VW’s. It was another great camping weekend. We all had fun and met some old and new friends which makes each trip away even better. We are part of the Harrogate and District VW Club, and along with a few other enthusiasts we are trying to get the club “back on the road” as it were.

We set up base camp with Kat & Dean, Richard & Sue, and Toni & Jason along with the kids and dogs. Here’s base camp


On Saturday Cooper entered the Canine Show and Shine and picked up 2nd in the puppy class 🙂


and along with lots of other dogs and puppies that he met at the show the cutest has to be the baby bulldog


Saturday night was spent around the communal camp fire, chatting late into the night

harrogate club camp

On Sunday it was packing up time and getting the vans into the Show and Shine


And amazingly Mollie won “Best in Show” and we were awarded a lovely trophy that has been made by the sponsors, All About Timber.

best in show

All in all a great weekend and Kate and Kevin did a fabulous job in pulling the show together and combatting the last minute problems. There was a good turnout and lots of campers there for the weekend. We’re looking forward to next year already where I’m sure it will be bigger and better.

A Day Out in Knaresborough

Knaresborough is only a few miles away (only 11) from where we live but we have not been as a family for a touristy day trip. After seeing Chew’s lovely pics of Knareborough on her blog made me plan a day out to see the sites for oursleves, so on Bank Holiday Monday, as a bit of a birthday day out for Miles we headed there to visit Mother Shipton’s cave and have a walk along the river.

mother shipton's cave

We loved the stunning houses that were lining the valley of the river alongside the impressive viaduct. A definite retirement possibility apart from the lack of garage space and too many people walking past your front door!

knaresborough viaduct

Mother Shipton’s is renowned for the Petrifying Well, with the oldest items being the Victorian top hat and ladies bonnet that can be seen high up on the wall.

petrifying well

The water is so calcified there are warning signs not to drink it!

petrifing items

miles and ethan

Here’s me at the Wishing Well.. you have to put your right hand in the water, make a wish while your hand is still there and then let your hand dry naturally. Of course I can’t tell you what I wished for 🙂

wishing well

We also walked along Beech Avenue with some of the oldest and biggest beech trees in the country, they were stunning…

beech trees

but not all of them survive…

beech avenue

A great family day out and certainly a place to visit again.