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A Year in Pictures 2012

In previous years I have done a post at the end of the year to look back, and its a great way to remember some of the things that I have done. Here are the posts from 2009, 2010 and 2011 if you want to go back in time. So what did 2012 hold….

The years always start off quite steady as we get through the Winter. In January we made the trip to the first conference of the year, the iGaming London Affilate conference where Dave spoke in a couple of sessions and we had a lovely meal with Dave Snyder in the OXO Tower.

Nothing much happened in February. I decided to give up social media for the month, and much of the time was taken up getting organised for the Renewal of our Wedding Vows at the end of March.

After 14 years of being married we threw a big party for all the family to celebrate, and made it a really special day.

After the wedding we headed off at the beginning of April to the Lake District (where we had our first honeymoon) and then took a trip up to Gretna Green (where we originally got married). We took Bob the Campervan along 🙂

When we got back from our second honeymoon we started on the renovations on the house including tearing down the conservatory and knocking the kitchen and dining room into one.

During April we also went away with the kids for a weekend in Scarborough for the rugby tour where the kids met Stuart Lancaster.

In May, Dave and I were back to London for the SMX London conference where we spent a couple of days at Chelsea Football Club.

In June we headed off to Rome with the kids for a long weekend.

Then in Ripon in June we watched the Olympic torch come past which was quite exciting, and a once in a lifetime thing.

In July there was a month of activity with a trip to Camphill with Bronco for a day of archery, segways, quadbiking, rage buggies and assault courses.

Then at the end of July we went to Centerparcs with the kids for a long weekend of swimming, cycling, badminton, squash, 10 pin bowling, field archery, quad biking and drinking 🙂

In August we headed to Newcastle to watch Brazil vs New Zealand in the Olympics.

Then we headed to Harewood House for the weekend and camped at the VW Festival.

Over August Bank Holiday we spent the weekend at Alton Towers, where we stayed in the Alton Towers hotel and went on lots of rides.

In September there was more camping, this time close to Ripon with members of the Harrogate VW Club at Phil & Vicky’s house.

Then while Dave was over in Munich for SEOktoberfest we had a bad day where my lovely Corky cat died

and Dave’s Mum and Dad’s cottage got totally flooded. You can make out on the photo the level the water reached half way up the door.

In October Mollie the Samba passed her MOT after getting fully restored.

In October we headed to Barcelona for the iGaming Affiliate Conference and had chance to take in a few sights

and then at the end of October we headed off to Marbella for a week to have a relaxing break.

November was taken up organising the new Bronco HQ as work started

and the year ended with a great Bronco Christmas party in December

Bronco HQ – 6 weeks in, 4 weeks to go

I am determined to get some better pictures of the work that is being carried out in the new Bronco HQ, but for now I’m sticking to my Blackberry as its still dusty in there. Over the Christmas holidays hopefully I’ll get some decent ones taken with Dave’s EOS.

On Friday the new windows will be going in which will involve opening up the brickwork to the floor, and then on Saturday the new doors get fitted. We’re just starting to do all the networking cabling ourselves and the first fix electrics are going in. The meeting room is nearly finished, and they are just getting the toilets ready to fit out. The custom kitchen units have been done, but are uncover so no pictures of them yet.

This is the view into what will be desked out from the back door

And this is the opposite way, looking towards the accounts office on the left, the cloakroom on the right, and the printer station in the middle. The door will turn into a window and where the window is at the back it will become the door.

This is looking from the front of the building with the kitchen out of view on the back left, the break out area on the back right and the meeting room being worked on, on the right. The corridor then leads down into the office space. The wall on the left that is being painted up will have running along it awesome steel work like you get on shipping containers, with 3 flying broncos! Looking forward to seeing that 🙂

More to come soon…

We’ll Never See This Again in Our Lifetime

It’s weird how certain dates come and go and some are more memorable than others. Today is the 12th December which is nothing too special, unless it happens to be your anniversary or birthday, but there is something about this day in this year … you get the amazing 12/12/12.

We have just witnessed 12 seconds past 12 minutes past 12pm and the world didn’t implode!

12:12:12 pm on the 12/12/12

Back in 2011 we witnessed the 11/11/11 that I captured as the clocks rolled over.

Updates on the Bronco HQ

Just over 3 weeks ago I did a post about the new Bronco HQ that is under development, and over the last week or so I have been trying to get some pictures of how its coming along but its been really dusty so the pictures have been coming out rubbish. Today I managed to take a few quick snaps on my Blackberry.

Here is the startings of the kitchen

And then we have the toilet block that has been rebuilt. Gents on the right, Ladies on the left with lovely new fittings still to go in.

Then we have the framework for the new meeting room. As you may be able to see the entire roof structure has been removed and some big steels put in place.

We then have the back of the building where a new entrance will be built which will lead into a cloakroom / locker room and a station for printers etc, with a private accounts office.

Then looking back up the building the main office space

More to come in a few weeks 🙂