November, 2012 Archive

The New Bronco HQ

For the past 4 months we have been planning the design and layout of the new Bronco HQ, and last week work started. We have taken on a new building on the business park so that there is no disruption to us while the building work is going on and it offers us more square footage as well as being on one level, whereas at the moment we are split on 2 floors.

We have been working with Paul and Heather from Phaus who are a specialist interior design agency who have worked with the likes of FootLocker and other high street brands, creating stunning spaces. Its been an interesting process going through the whole design stage making sure that our new offices become a really great and efficient workspace.

We were very keen to give the building work to a local company and the main contractor is Ripon Building Services Ltd who will also be working with local sub contractors to get the whole building project completed on time and on budget.

We are investing a very large amount of money into the new building so this is a very exciting project for us and we’re looking to be moving in before the end of January. Next year, 2013, will be Bronco’s 10th Anniversary so it is fitting that we will have one of the best workspaces for our staff. We already have a long list of staff perks as well as the super cool BroncoPlex that we opened last summer, so the new Bronco HQ building will be the icing on the cake. It follows our core belief that we want Bronco to be a company that we would want to work for, and having staff that are happy and valued passes down the chain onto the clients.

The building that we have taken on has been a challenge as you can see from this series of photos. It had been occupied by a medical company previously, but had been empty for a while, and was made up of a series of rooms with tanked flooring and ventilation systems presumably to keep the labs sterile…it was like a grubby rabbit warren!

The builders have now finished their first week and here are a few pics that Dave took on Friday. They are not the best quality but at the moment the inside is quite dark and dusty. As you can see the whole of the interior has been ripped out, and the next job will be to take the roof timbers down and install a few big steels so that the whole ceiling height can be used.

This area at the back of the building will be where the desking will be, staff entrance and locker area.

Here will be the kitchen and the main entrance

Here will be a toilet section on the left, with the meeting room and “lounge” area on the right.

We have also managed to get planning permission to alter the exterior of the building too, which is quite an achievement in this area. This is the current frontage of the building which will end up with the 2 windows dropped to the floor and to incorporate a glass entrance door.

The back of the building will also see the windows dropped to the floor but also the door relocated to the right where there is currently a window (behind the van).

Sometimes You Just Have to Chop Things Down

We’re very lucky to live in a house with a garden with lots of greenery surrounding us, but sometimes you just have to do some drastic tree felling to regain your space. On the right hand side of our garden we have always had an issue with the neighbours big tree that overhangs into our garden blocking the sunlight. Recently our neighbour mentioned she was thinking about getting some self seeded trees removed and did we mind. We totally didn’t mind and even went halves on the cost of felling them.

Before the big tree was felled it looked like this from the spare room window

You can see from this picture how big the tree had become and we had even had a big branch snap off in a storm last year and trash the old bird feeder.

Now the garden has been opened up and light is flooding in. The little garden birds and my friendly squirrel (Squidger) are all fine and haven’t abandoned the garden without the extra protection the big tree gave them which was main main concern when we decided to chop it down.

A Relaxing Week in Spain

It now seems ages ago since we were in Marbella but it was only just last week. I have only just got round to sorting through the photos so here is a brief roundup of what the week considered of.

We were joined for 2 days by my sister and brother in law (Mand & KC) which was great fun and we had some good laughs, and ate and drank lots.

There was some rugby on the beach

And some swimming in the sea

There were more meals out with delicious food (not a great photo but its rare to get one of both me and Dave on the same pic, and its at an odd angle as one of the kids took it!)

But most of the week was catching some rays and enjoying the blue sky (apart from the cloudy bits and the day it poured down all day)

And on the last day we ventured out for a quick trip to Puerto Banus so that the kids could drool over all the amazing sports cars.

It really was a very relaxing and awesome week, and its the first time we have pretty much done nothing all holiday, which was just what we needed after a really hectic year. I managed to read a book and a half and I think Dave read 4! I have come back fully recharged and raring to go again 🙂

Roll on May2013 when we go back again 🙂