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The Flood Clean Up Begins

Two days ago I did a blog post showing the 3 rivers in Ripon at bursting point, then sadly last night Dave’s parents cottage in Topcliffe, which is on the River Swale, was flooded. They have lived there for 35 years and a few times its been close to getting in, but this was so much higher than it has ever been before. I went with them today to see what we could salvage from the house before the clean up begins.

The garden was still in full flood with at least 5 feet of water slowly subsiding. At the bottom of the garden is the river.

There was flood water trapped in one the rooms because of the steps on the doorways. The water level in this room looked like it came up about 2 foot.

Everywhere inside was covered in a fine film of silt. It wasn’t that noticeable on the carpets until you started walking on it and leaving footprints. But on the white tiled bathroom floor its more obvious.

As well as the big clean up there is also the smaller things that have to be scrubbed clean or replaced as they are damaged.

Bottles covered in silt and dirt. The carpet in this room is a dark brown, but it was soaking wet and covered in a layer of dirt. If you look at the skirting board you can see the filth.

Kitchen cupboards full of dirty water

and a very wet laptop

What a week this is turning into… and Dave is missing it all over in Munich at SEOktoberfest. The good news though is that Miles is finally off his crutches after hobbling around for a week and half after his disastrous scooter injury.

Sleep Well my lovely Corky Cat

Today sadly Corky cat finally gave up after being ill for a while. She had been struggling to keep weight on with an over-active thyroid being diagnosed back in May, and then developed an enlarged liver making her stomach swollen. Cork passed her 16th birthday back in July so she certainly had a long and happy life, and seemed fine even this morning, just a bit more tired than usual. We “adopted” her about 14 years ago and she has been with us all that time, being well fed and loved. We will certainly miss her.

Even though she was part of our everyday life for all that time, and the kids have always known life with Corky cat being part of it, it’s surprising how few photos I have actually got of her, and no really good ones either. After a trawl through years of photos on Flickr I have managed to find a few.

So…. so long Corky cat and hope you’re back to catching lots of mice wherever you may be 🙂





and May 2012 with Poppy cat

Floodwatch in Ripon

For the last 2 days parts of the UK have been drenched in relentless heavy rain with some areas getting over a month’s rainfall in 24 hours which leads to swollen rivers that burst their banks. Ripon has 3 rivers, the Laver, the Skell and the Ure each with its own catchment areas from the Yorkshire Dales. After the last big flood in Ripon back in 2007, there was a push for the large scale flood alleviation scheme which was completed earlier on this year, mainly around the River Skell. I reckon if that hadn’t have been done we would have seen a worse situation today in certain areas. The Bronco offices are just around the corner from the River Skell so thats where I headed this morning.

This is the River Skell bridge at the Alma Weir that leads to The Water Rat pub.

I headed down the road (as the river path was flooded) to the ford that is normally a shallow river crossing that cars are always going through, but not today when the river was near the 5 foot mark.

What the photo doesn’t do is demonstrate the noise and the power that the river holds, so check out the video I took today

After work I headed with the kids to the River Ure where the river was spread out over the flood plain, but had also broken onto Magdelen’s Road and the road to Sharow.

In the distance on this picture you can see the Ripon bypass bridges

And this is the river showing it against North Bridge

I then headed to the River Laver where I often go for walks with the kids. They were really surprised to see it so high.

Just up from here is the River Laver gauging station where it was so crazy.

Viking Volks Fest at York Raceway

Today we headed over to the York Raceway to spend the day at the Viking Volks Fest. We were going to be camping for the weekend, but with Miles injuring his knee last week it kind of changed our plans, and now its dark and cold outside tonight I’m kind of glad I’m not in a tent at the moment.

I’ve never been to a drag race before and it was brilliant. The noise of the engines and the smell of the burning rubber, it was really exciting. There were VW vs American Muscle car races, as well as the turn up and test your own entrants which ranges from amazingly fast motorbikes to what looked like family cars. It was all to get the fastest time down the strip and to clock the top speed.

As part of the Viking Volks Fest weekend there were monster truck displays… they are massive

as well as the super cool rocket beetle

Here are some more pictures from the day.

What you can’t appreciate with the photos is the noise at the drag strip which just rattles through you. Here are a couple of videos from today… enjoy!