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Happy Birthday Miles xx

Today my oldest son is 12. It was twelve years ago that my life changed forever when I became a mum. Any mums out there will know what I mean when I say that you do suddenly develop the maternal instinct that will never leave you, and means that your priorities need to change to make sure that its you’re kids you think of first.

Miles decided that he wanted to go to Camphill for his birthday after hearing how great it was when we did the Bronco day out in July.. so I booked us in for a quad biking trek and segways. It was raining heavily all morning before we set off which made it perfect for the quads, especially as it stopped raining on the drive there. The estate and the woods were soggy and muddy which made for lots of fun on the quads, the kids did really well. It then took the kids a bit of practice to get the hang of the segways but were were soon off for a tour. Here are a few pics from today.. and yet again we brought lots of Camphill mud back home with us 🙂

Action Packed Bank Holiday at Alton Towers

Another great weekend at Alton Towers! This year we went again for 2 nights and stayed at the Alton Towers Hotel, arriving on Sunday and coming back home on Tuesday. The main day in the park was Bank Holiday Monday, and as it was last year its the quietest day (since everyone thinks it will be really busy so tend to wait until the day after bank holiday. With the hotel booking we also got a 2 day pass into the park and a 2 day pass into Cariba Creek which is the cool waterworld in the Splash Landings hotel with lots of water slides.

Here are some of the pictures from the weekend.

There was no queue at all for Nemesis, so Miles and Dave went on for a quick ride. When Miles got off I was dragged on for his second go but the fear of dying took hold of me and I went all the way around with my eyes closed! Don’t think the late night and lots of lager the night before helped.

When it came to Oblivion time, I couldn’t persuade myself to go back on after being totally petrified last year, but Dave and Miles had some fun.

Rita was the one ride that none of us had been on before and its always the one with the biggest queue. We decided on Tuesday to start to queue before the ride opened and it certainly worked as we were only waiting for about 15 minutes. It was great! Its the fastest ride and you go from 0-67 kmph in 2.5 seconds…

The Runaway Mine train is a family favourite .. choo choo

And Thirteen is also great. This is one of the rides that opens early for hotel guests, so again we got straight on. Love the end of the ride, and the second time is even better than the first.

We went on lots of the other rides during the 2 days.. and I’m still missing the wet photo from the Flume where we got drenched. I think next year we will have to head to a different theme park though as we have done it all now. Great time had by all 🙂

Camping Checklist – What to Take Camping

Having just returned from a weekend camping at VW Festival I thought that I would make a checklist for myself of the camping gear for next time we’re heading somewhere, and you might find it useful too.

Last updated 2nd September 2013 .. as the list will keep on growing 🙂
Edited May 2015 now that we have a Puck


Sat Nav
Wind breaks
Picnic Rug & blanket
Flag pole & flag
Sleeping bags & pillows
Camping lantern
Duct tape
Bungee cords
Pebble chargers
USB charging cables (lightning & micro usb)
Big battery charger for campervan


Fold away table
Gas stove & gas
Grill plate
Pan set (in puck)
2 x 10 litre and 1 x 5 litre water carriers
Plates & cups & cutlery (in puck)
Kettle (in puck)
Fire logs
Charcoal & lighter gel
Marshmallow skewers (in puck)
Washing up bowl (in puck)
Washing up liquid (in puck)
Sponge & teatowel (in puck)
Kitchen roll

Keeping Clean

Antiseptic wipes
Antiseptic hand gel
Bin bags
Portaloo & loo tent, chemicals
Toilet roll
Baby wipes
Toothbrush & toothpaste
Chewing gum
Insect repellent
1st Aid kit (in puck)
Sun Cream


Ice packs
Cool boxes
Tea / Coffee / Sugar (in puck)
UHT milk
Lager / Pop / Water
Bread buns
Bacon / Sausages / Eggs
Cheese slices
Tomato sauce
Sandwich stuff
Snacks, crisps, sweets
Baked beans
Cooking oil
Cup a soup

For the dogs

Travel crates
Dog food
Poo bags & Dicky bag
Treats & Treat bag
Food and water bowl
Peg out stake and leads
Towels and mat
Chew toys

I think that’s it (apart from clothes to suit the weather) but at least now I won’t lose my list and I can add to it overtime. Good job we have the campervan to store all of this lot in!

Happy Camping!

The Evolution of the Bronco Logo

Many companies evolve their logo over time to freshen up the company branding and the other day I was thinking about how the Bronco logo has evolved overtime. There are many companies that we are all familiar with that have steadily evolved their logo and here are a few examples from Burger King, Visa, Ford and how can we forget VW.

Bronco started off in 2002 and when Dave and I bought the company in 2003 it had the world’s best logo!

It took until 2005 for Dave to create a new logo … very simply out of the unpronounceable font called Vipnagorr.

This version of the logo evolved to make it more stylish and these are the versions of the logo from 2007 and 2008

We decided in 2009 to have the Bronco logo completely overhauled and brought in The Sharp Agency to do a full rebrand of the company. We do lots of logo design inhouse for our web design clients but this one we were too close to and wanted some external ideas. The new logo was born.

We have since evolved this logo to fit in with the website as that changes each year with a fresh design. In 2011 the logo looked like this

and in 2012 it changed to this

The latest evolution of the logo was one we designed to be printed onto the Bronco t-shirts, hoodies, pens and pencils and brings in a new dynamic for promotional material.

I love each logo at the time, but when you look back some look really dated. No doubt next year we will have evolved again and have another new logo style.

The 23 Window VW Samba is Nearly Restored

It’s nearly done … so exciting! We got Mollie the Samba last year and have been getting her restored. The full works… stripped out, media blasted back to bare metal, welded up and panels beaten to probably a better standard than when she rolled off the production line in 1963 (nearly 50 years ago!).

Mollie used to look like this

and today she now looks like this

She will look superb back next to Bob on the driveway. Still lots of rebuilding to do and shiny bits to add, but Dubtricks are doing a fantastic job and if all goes to plan Mollie will be on their stand at VW Festival at Harewood House next weekend.

All the resto pictures are on if you want to see some more pictures.