April, 2012 Archive

Chasing cars and puddles

Its been raining for what seems like ages now and today it just rained all day solid. On the way back from the shop I came across a big flood on the road, so took the kids out for a little walk to see some action.

Heading to the flood, Ethan already has water in his wellies!

Excitement looms as we wait for a car to come…

Some cars creeping through the big flood…

Any cars that came through the flood, heading towards us, depending on the amount of splash that they made would get a cheer from the kids. It was really cool that they drivers too were cheering triumphantly and waving at the kids when they made it through.

Then all of a sudden…

and back again …

Hmmm .. I recognise that car!!

Boys will always be boys 🙂

New Windows and Render

Over the last 2 days the renovations have taken another leap.

On Thursday the bay on the back of the house that was part of the old dining room looked like this

On Friday we had the door blocked up and three new fully glazed windows installed. It makes a huge difference from the inside with these big panes of glass and nothing blocking the view. Then today the render was started on the exterior.

Update on the Renovations

Its been just over 3 weeks since the building work started at home to knock the kitchen and dining room together, as well as knock down the conservatory, dig out the foundations and re-lay the patio. There is still lots more to do, and we need to work out how best to use the space, but here are some before and after pictures. (Can’t believe how gorgeous the weather was back at the end of March when I took the first set of “before” pictures!)

The next task for the end of this week is for the old dining room external door to be blocked up and bricked to half height to match the other side of the bay, for 3 new full glass windows to be installed and for the bay to be rendered. Then for the sliding doors that were originally between the kitchen and conservatory to be replaced with new french doors. So the back of the house will get transformed and we’ll reduce the amount of brickwork on show while making a feature of the bay.

Ripon Rugby Club Junior Tour 2012

This weekend we were on tour with the Ripon Rugby Club, over in Scarborough. Both the boys were playing for their teams and took part in the tournament representing the Under 12’s and the Under 10’s. It was a fantastic weekend of rugby for the kids as well as having some family fun. When clubs go on tour its tradition to take on a theme so Ripon had an Hawaiian theme with various “on tour” rules to follow. All the kids had custom rugby shirts printed to wear for the matches and they all looked fab. We took Bob the Campervan and even he was sporting Hawaiian decorations 🙂

Here are some pics from the weekend. Dave took nearly 2000 photos for the club during the weekend so there were lots to choose from.

Here’s Miles before the matches started

In action

Easy to spot at the back of the picture in the silver scrum cap

Then in the bar on Saturday night getting his picture taken with Stuart Lancaster (the new head coach for the England rugby team), who was on tour with his daughter’s team from Leeds

Here’s Ethan before the tournament started

Having a team talk … can be spotted with the black scrum cap, black long sleeved thermal on with body armour with a green band on his upper arms (hands on hips!)

Here he is in action along with Braveheart face paint

Then on the line at the end getting ready to start

The kids did really well this weekend, especially since they have only been playing this season since October. Ethan’s team ended up getting into the Final and they were runner ups in the tournament out of 10 teams. Miles’ team didn’t have such success and came 7th out of 8 teams, but some of the lads they were playing against were scarily huge. Miles did though get awarded £5 for the best tackle in one of the Sunday matches so he was really pleased with that.

Roll on next year 🙂 .. lets home the weather is better though!

Some Wedding Photos

We’ve just been trawling through the disc of photos from the wedding renewal that Morgan Photography took, and here are a few of the really cool ones …

Wow, we just love this one .. you can just about see us stood in the central doorway of Ripon Cathedral.

And here is a gorgeous one of the boys and Bob

and not to forget the Bronco crew

Here’s a lovely one just after the ceremony of me kissing the kids, with the bagpiper playing in the background

and a jolly one of Dave and I with the piper