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Happy 3rd Birthday

Today is my 37th (how much) birthday but it is also my blogs’ 3rd birthday. I launched my blog on the 26th March 2009, so Happy Birthday blog.

I’ve had a great day today, but my birthday started at the weekend when the sun started to shine and we got the barbeque lit on Saturday and chucked on some big steaks. Today I’ve had lots of lovely presents, cards, flowers arriving at work, scrumptious doughnuts to eat, and another barbeque tonight with Pimms and cake.

I love all the Facebook messages that I have had today from people from far and wide including these guys from the industry, so a thank you to Christoph, Bas, Rupert, Todd, Chris, Scott, Baz, Jackie, Mikkel, Bob, Joost, Jason, Marcus, Peter, Sebastian, Rasmus, Brandy, Ziv as well as all the friends and family who left me a message, sent me a text, emailed me or tweeted me.

It’s going to be a busy few weeks for us. Birthday is just about over, but in 5 days time on the 31st March we’ll be renewing our wedding vows (more on that to follow as I have loads of people to thank and recommend – its been a mammoth task to organise it all and I should start a wedding planning business), then on the 4th April it will be Bronco’s 9th Birthday, followed by the Easter weekend when we’re heading off for a few days in The Lakes, where we had our first honeymoon, then a night in Gretna Green to show the kids where we got married. Then after that we’re going on a long weekend to Scarborough with the rugby club for the annual junior tour. While all that is happening we’re getting the conservatory ripped down and the kitchen and dining room knocked into one. Hmmm somehow I think we have taken off a bit too much, but hey it’s good to be busy isn’t it 🙂

So anyway in time old tradition lets have a round up of stats from my blog after 3 years … how are we doing.

268 posts
567 images
277,881 visits

Top search content pages:
“when do the clocks go back 2010” 82,212 visits
“how to make sausage casserole” 64,644 visits
“how to make yorkshire puddings” 13,034 visits

My favourite posts are my annual round ups and review of the decade, as I love looking back at what I have been up to.

Review of the Decade
2009 Round up
2010 Round up
2011 Round up

This next year I want to dedicate some more time to my blog and do more regular posts, but its very easy to say that but fitting it in is a different matter, but I’ll try.

My Crazy Poppy Cat

I have a crazy cat called Poppy who every morning will climb up and sit outside our bedroom window, meowing to be let in. Why she just doesn’t just use the cat flap is anyone’s guess. So she sits there on a window sill that’s no more than 3 or 4 inches wide and wakes me up … every morning.