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The Opening of the Bronco Plex

After a busy 7 – 8 weeks we have finally got the Bronco Plex all fitted out and on Friday we had a bit of a party. The only thing missing for the opening night was the pool table which is late (but thats another story)

Anyway here are a few pics of how its all looking compared to the blog post I did back in early June with the initial photos of how the building was.

Added: this is the Bronco pool table, since it got delivered it has had the cushions recovered as the logo couldn’t be matched up properly.

The sofa arrives

Today as expected the sofa that we had designed and ordered from Nabru arrived … on a huge lorry that couldn’t fit into the business park (apparently) so the guys had to unload it all and carry it to the new building in bits. It was like a huge jigsaw, with lots of different shapes and sizes of MDF all cut specifically so that the sofa frame would all slot together. The instructions were massive and there were even instructions for understanding the instructions.

I decided that I was best to leave Dave and the guys to get cracking on it and throughout the morning and afternoon the sofa started to take shape. There wasn’t much I could do to help, but it certainly seemed like a challenge especially as it was such a big sofa.

This was the sofa at around lunchtime http://twitpic.com/5s2cm4 and here’s the pic of how it was when I left tonight .. its looking really good, and is really comfy and massive!

The only problem that we has was that we were just missing the right hand arm but that was dealt with efficiently by Nabru and we should get it in the morning.

Also the kitchen is nearly all done and I’m looking forward to giving it a good clean down and getting all the new crockery, cutlery and appliances in and getting it ready to use. There’s just a bit of tidying up around the tiles to sort out.

On the home stretch

We’re nearly there with the fitting out of the BroncoPlex. The kitchen will be just about finished off, when I left work tonight the cupboard handles were all on and the splashback tiles were going on, just the kickboard left to sort. Its looking pretty cool. Here’s a photo of the kitchen this morning still with the packing stickers on the doors.

It’s pretty blue.. but its bright and colourful, which in such a large white space we can get away with it.
Today we have been getting overhead lighting fitted across the beams in the roof space so there has been lots of scaffolding inside the building and electricians balancing, while doing the wiring high up.

Oh, we also got the dart board up in place and the narrow corridor that we left when we built the contruction inside is just perfect for playing darts down.

Next week we’re getting a huge sofa from Nabru delivered as well as a big TV which will certainly fill up a lot of the floor space. (hope its not too big). The only item left is the pool table that I’m chasing up as it was meant to be with us this week, but I’m not sure yet if it will even be here next week. But we’ll have to see and keep our fingers crossed that we’ll have it for Friday evening when we officially open the BroncoPlex 🙂

Adding some colour to the BroncoPlex

Here’s another quick update on the progress in the BroncoPlex the last few days. The arcade machine turned up so we have been enjoying playing all of the retro games, and I introduced the kids to Space Invaders and Pacman which they loved. We’ve also started bring some finishing touches to the building and adding some colours on the doors. Today we also got the delivery of the kitchen cupboard doors that we had custom made from Lark and Larks (cheap and cheerful but the perfect Bronco blue) and the cool pale blue tiles arrived from Expression Tiles (I’ve never seen such a well wrapped box of tiles). Hopefully by the end of play tomorrow the kitchen will just be about done.

Here are the latest pics …

BroncoPlex Kitchen, Painting and Carpet

This week it has all been go at the BroncoPlex with the kitchen taking shape (just waiting for final fit and the cupboard doors now), the painting started and the carpet got fitted today. Here are a few few pics.

The kitchen starting to take shape and much bigger than the original one.
kitchen 4
kitchen 3
kitchen 5

First coats of paint going on the fresh plastered walls and new doors

Carpet throughout, in a very mute colour since there will be lots of colour being added.

Tomorrow the new arcade machine turns up which will signal that we are not far off completion, and hopefully we might get the 5 cases of Stella that was part of the deal with the beer fridge.