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Bronco Break Out Part II

There’s been lots of work going on at the weekend in the Bronco breakout building, so below are a couple of pics from this morning. There is more work planned for this week including more electrics and getting the lighting installed, the start of the air con installation and hopefully the start of the kitchen. Part of today has been taken up trying to find the right size bottle cooler / fridge, double size, glass fronted like you have in pubs.. the search continues. But we have found the right colour for the kitchen cupboard doors, a bright Bronco blue.

new build 5
new build 6

Notice the space on the left hand side of the construction, complete with electric fitments, perfect for the Bronco dart board!

Bronco Breakout Building

You may have heard about the second Bronco building that will serve as our staff breakout building for lunchtimes and after work. I’ve already been ordering cool stuff like a pool table with the Bronco logo emblazoned on the cloth, a classic arcade machine with over 350 games as well as a championship dart board. We still have a lot to do in the unit to fit it out, as we have taken it on just as a shell and have had to even run electrics and install lighting. We’ve also got to refit the kitchen so that it’s much bigger and can accommodate a big drinks / beer fridge, as well as get the TV and comfy sofas sorted. We’ve already had other businesses on the business park wanting to pay for membership to the Bronco den!

I’m a real “before” and “after” person when it comes to DIY, or anything where you can see progress and changes, so here are a few pics of the building so far in the early stages of the overhaul.

new build 2
new build 1
new build 3
new build 4

More to follow in a week …

Madeleine by Kate McCann

It’s pretty rare that I would consider doing a book review and the last one that I probably did was when I was doing English A levels, but the latest book that I have read made me want to share some thoughts.

As I was heading on holiday for a week this was going to be the perfect time to get my Kindle loaded up with a couple of books and make sure that I found time to relax and do some reading. I hadn’t heard of the new release called “Madeleine” by Kate McCann until I went to get my holiday hair cut and I was interested to read it. For anyone who doesn’t know what the book is about, it’s about a little girl that was taken from her bed, while on holiday back in 2007 and has not been seen since. The book has been written by her Mum and it recounts the tragedy and what happened after Madeleine was taken.


I’m not sure it is because I’m a mum, but the story really affected me and half way through the holiday I had to stop reading the book and download a trashy romantic fiction. I am only about two thirds of the way through but the story of Kate and Gerry McCann following the disappearance of Madeleine is really terrible, how the Portuguese police handled the situation and even worse how a few months later Kate and Gerry were brought in as suspects and how the media turned on them just to fill some column inches.

If you’re looking for a happy ending then it’s not a book for you, and I think that was the worst thing that you knew as you were reading it that there was just no hope for them and whatever they did, or whatever amount of money they raised for the search they still wouldn’t find Madeleine. I found myself, laid on a sunbed, hiding behind my sunglasses with tears rolling down my face especially when they realised that Madeleine had gone…it left you cold with dread that that could actually happen. Yes.. they are living with huge guilt that they left they kids in the apartment while they had dinner in the Tapas bar but they felt safe in the resort and were doing regular checks on all the kids that were in their party. One thing that struck me was that Kate is a very organised person and liked to have a routine… and that may have been their downfall, that they were too predictable.

I must get round to finishing the book as it was very interesting especially how the media circus can one minute be your friend and then your enemy. At one stage there was so much coverage of Kate and Gerry in the media that Madeleine had almost been forgotten. The kids were interested in the book while I read it as they remember Madeleine going missing back in 2007 as it was shortly before our regular trip to Spain and there were posters everywhere of her in the airports. They can’t believe that she hasn’t been found yet, and I think the worst thing for Kate is the not knowing and hoping that no harm or suffering came to her. You have to wonder though, would Madeleine even remember Kate and Gerry if she was found… terrible!