March, 2011 Archive

Fountains Abbey & Studley Royal, Ripon

We are very fortunate in Ripon to have a National Trust World Heritage site on our doorstep, and thanks to our new shiny National Trust membership cards we can get in free to this site and any other National Trust site in the UK. Fountains Abbey is steeped in history and was founded in 1132 with the landscaping of Studley Royal Water Gardens beginning in the 1720’s. I took the kids on Sunday for a good long walk (about 3 miles) and took some snaps while I was out.

Happy Birthday to Me and my Blog

So today its my birthday … hmmm my 36th birthday, but its also my blog’s 2nd birthday.

I started my blog on the 26th March 2009 with the aim to have a place that I could publish some of my thoughts, theories and experiences. I’m sometimes not the most frequent of writers as often I just don’t have the time to get a post done, but then I’ll do a flurry.

So maybe it would be worth having a look at some of my blog stats …

I have written and published 229 articles with 1 article in draft that happens to be my Last Will & Testament

I have had 699 comments and maybe a few more soon 😉

I have published 406 images (must be lots of holiday snaps)

In 2 years I have had 180,397 visits from 662 sources.

My top Google organic search term has been “when do the clocks go back” which had 14,288 visits, which is closely followed by the massively competitive term of “sausage casserole” which has had 12,745 visits.

So a big Happy Birthday to my blog !

My Lovely Hens

Hurray, my Welsummer hens are back laying after a long summer, autumn and winter with no eggs. A bit crazy really but they stopped laying around the end of May last year as they all got broody for months. We have had an egg a day now for the last 3 days and its so lovely to go and collect an egg from the hen house. Here are my lovely hens, Tilly, Milly & Bella this morning..

Home Improvement #seoDIY

Over the weekend I tweeted out that Dave was doing some #seoDIY and was destroying a dividing wall between our existing utility room and our computer room / home office, to make a much bigger utility room.


Here are a few pictures of the work carried out over the last few days with thanks to Dave, a gas man who replaced the old boiler, a plumber who helped replace the boiler and will be reconnecting the sink and new appliances when they arrive, and a general DIY man who is in the middle of fitting the new units and worktops.

Where it All Started

Feel free to hang around and read the ramblings below about how it all started but I wanted to get the details down on my blog so that in years to come I can refer back to it to remember how Bronco came to be. Who knows where we will all be then but we have come a long way on the journey so far.