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Happy Birthday Bob

To celebrate the 40th Birthday of one of our great friends from the SEO industry we decided to give him a special present and build him a birthday website.

Check out the website that says Happy Birthday Bob

If you want to send your birthday wishes to Bob via Twitter use the hashtag #bob40 and the site will aggregate them. There is also a caption competition running at the moment with the hashtag #bob40cc but you have to find the page first 😉

happy birthday bob

Thanks to Kean for pulling the site together so quickly too, great job 🙂

Equality for Women or Political Correctness

Today has resurrected the debate about equality for women after the sacking of Andy Gray from his role as a presenter on Sky Sports. The sacking today followed comments off air that he made about a female linesman, I mean assistant referee, and then further fuel was added to the fire in the form of a remark he made off air in the studio to a female co presenter.

How to Roast a Chicken

Roasting meat can sometimes be quite daunting, but it’s really about the preparation, the oven temperature and the timing. Roast chicken is really gorgeous and is great for either a mid week treat or a weekend roast, and can be eaten hot or cold. I just happen to have roasted a chicken today which we’ll be eating cold, with new potatoes, salad, coleslaw and French bread – a real favourite.

So how do you roast a chicken?

EFAW First Aid Training in Ripon

I went on a really interesting and very useful course today, and now I am certified for the next three years in First Aid having done the Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) 1 day course. I signed up to the course in Ripon a while ago and this weekend I was having doubts about going, mainly because I’m always apprehensive about going places where I won’t know anyone and the dreaded “right all find a partner” type activities.

Happy Birthday Wikipedia

Today Wiki celebrates its 10th birthday, so a big happy birthday goes out to Jimmy Wales and all of the early contributors who have created such an amazing and valuable resource.
wiki logo

Gone are the days of families having beautiful leather bound encyclopaedias set out on a book shelf that would be the main point of reference when a question needed answering, or you were needing to do a bit or research for a school project. We have a set of encyclopaedias, as well as a children’s set, that Dave invested in back in the late 80’s / early 90’s that are now packed away in cardboard boxes in the garage. When I say invested I do mean invested too, as back then they cost an arm and a leg and I don’t even think the kids have ever seen them.