October, 2010 Archive

Being a Flexible Business

Being a business that is as flexible as possible is something that we aim for at Bronco, not only for the staff but for the clients too. I have done quite a few posts about how to keep staff happy which revolves a lot about being flexible, but it is something that is very important to our client relationships too.

Knowing Your Budget

In any business budgets are an important part of the strategic planning and business development. It’s important to have a clear idea of the budget for certain projects when you are outsourcing any work. This is one thing that surprises me when it comes to some of the enquiries that I handle on a daily basis.

All of the incoming new business enquiries that Bronco receive, whether it’s for an SEO contract or a website design and development project, are generally handled by myself. The initial email enquiry or phone call may result in a meeting to discuss the project further or in more communication as the brief or site specification is worked out. The subject of available budget tends to crop up, as for Bronco it’s a really important factor to understand and gauge what the prospective client has allocated and what return they are expecting. Everyone puts a different value on a top ranking in Google, the value of an ecommerce website, the importance of a well built content management system or even the time and effort involved in getting a simple website designed and coded up.

100 Million Sunflower Seeds, Ai WeiWei – Tate Modern

Today while we were spending a day wandering around London we decided to call into the Tate Modern to see the much acclaimed Ai WeiWei’s 100 million sunflower seeds. We were amazed as we looked over into the giant turbine hall at the Tate Modern, to see a “carpet of magic” of what looked like to be a huge area of gravel covering 1000 square metres. What we were actually looking at was over 100,000,000 handmade and hand painted porcelain sunflower seeds. It was pretty staggering.

The Benefit System Reform

I wish the new coalition government would grow a pair and actually tackle the major flaw in the entire benefit system rather than just messing around with tit for tat payments. Yesterday at the Conservative Party conference, George Osbourne announced that from 2013 they will be scrapping the payment of child benefits to families where one of the parents earns more than £44,000 per year. There are two problems with this that has arisen which is that if each parent earns slightly less than the threshold, then the payments are still made, but if one parent earns more than the threshold it stops. Or in the case of single parent families if you reach the threshold the benefit stops. Why does it not run on a household income? And why does it take 3 years to actually introduce?

The New Equality Act 2010

Today the New Equality Act came into force, which has taken four years of reviews and discussion to get to this stage. We are probably all aware of the old Equality Laws which mainly focus on equal pay and equal rights for workers no matter what gender, race or ability. The new Equality Act aims to culminate existing discrimination laws which cover sex, race, disability, age, sexual orientation and religion into one Act. There are however big changes that have come in with the Act and its estimated that it will cost the UK businesses £190m just to understand the legislation, and then businesses will need to get their Equal Opportunities and Recruitment Policies inline.