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When Do The Clocks Go Back 2010 & 2011

If you are looking for 2012 dates, then see When do the Clocks go back 2012

*** Update for 2011 ***
The Clocks will go back in the UK at 2am on Sunday October 30th 2011

The below relates to 2010…

As we are now into September the nights are drawing in and we know that soon we will be putting our clocks back an hour and we’ll be heading into Winter. Where has the summer gone?

So when do the clocks go back this year?

It will be on Sunday October 31st at 2am which is the last Sunday in October, meaning it will be dark early on for Halloween. This is for the UK… in the USA the clocks go back a week later on the first Sunday of November.

So don’t forget to put your clocks back and enjoy your extra hour in bed 🙂