September, 2010 Archive

Memories of a Newborn

Tonight there are big Congratulations in order for Rory and Mel for the safe arrival of their new baby girl called Olivia. Rory has worked for Dave and me at Bronco for nearly 7 years and joined the company as a teenager, in the early days of the company when we were just starting out. He initially started working in the hardware division but in the last couple of years Dave has trained him up and Rory is now part of the SEO team.

Symptoms of Meningitis

It always tends to occur at this time of year that there is a rise in the number of cases of meningitis especially at Universities when you get a large number of people coming together from all different regions of the country. Its currently Fresher’s Week at the Universities across the UK and it’s really important that people are aware of the symptoms because of the drastic effects that it can have. The Meningitis Research Foundation are recording that one person a day will become ill with meningitis and 1 in 10 of those will die. If you do get medical treatment early for meningitis or meningococcal septicaemia with strong antibiotics you can be cured but it can strike very quickly with no warning. It’s also common that teenagers will just disappear off to bed if they feel ill rather than younger kids who will make more noise about feeling ill.

The Coldstones Cut, Pateley Bridge

Wow, today we went to the Coldstones Cut near Pateley Bridge in North Yorkshire. It was the first day that it was open to the public after taking 4 years to create and £500,000. It is a giant sculpture that has been created by the artist Andrew Sabin, that overlooks the Coldstones Quarry. We thought it would be worth a visit, and here are a few pictures. To give you an idea of the scale below is an aerial photo and you can see some more pictures of the creating of the Coldstones Cut at this website and you’ll also find visiting information.

11+ Practice Papers

I will be glad not to see the 11+ practice papers for another 18 months at least, after spending the last 10 months thinking of nothing but the 11+ tests. My eldest son has today completed the testing that will decide if he has managed to get a place at Ripon Grammar School, which is a top rated selective secondary school on our doorstep. We now just need to wait 4 weeks or so to get the all important results letter. Then next up will be my youngest son.

Connaught Goes Into Administration

It was reported today that Connaught is likely to be the latest victim of the spending cuts, being brought in by the new UK government as they try to cut the huge deficit that the country is in, which is likely to lead to the loss of 10,000 jobs. Yes 10,000 jobs, that’s a hell of a lot of people who are going to end up unemployed and a real sign that we’re heading into a double dip recession.