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Data Protection Drives Me Crazy!

This is only going to be a short post, but it totally drives me CRAZY that companies that you have services from like mobile phones, bank cards, or insurance always want to speak to the “account holder”. What utter nonsense … especially when I am named person either on the phone contract, the bank card or the car insurance. So if I ring up to make a change on something or ask advice, they confirm who I am but then want to speak to the “account holder” which on the majority of things its Dave. (Not sure why its just the way things were set up). So what would happen if I just put any male on the phone who might know Dave’s date of birth .. would they accept that as being speaking to the “account holder”. It’s utterly stupid and I suppose if Dave just rings up to change something that may affect me he just gets total authority to do it, so even as a married couple I don’t have any rights over the services that we both use.

The purpose of this post is to vent the frustration I have endured this evening trying to get my Blackberry Internet Services username from Orange that I have no clue what it is as it was set up about 18 months ago, but oh no they need to speak to the “account holder”. Ridiculous!

Ancestry.co.uk – You’re Very Sneaky!

It really gets my back up when I feel like I have been conned…. but if I was to read the small print on the website they would say that they are going to do it .. but without any warning it really annoys me.

I refer to Ancestry.co.uk, but this post could elude itself to a whole host of websites that suck you in and then when you have forgotten all about them, sting you for a subscription fee. I was just paying a chunk off my credit card bill tonight (flights & car hire to Marbella for next May) when I see £41.95 from Ancestry.co.uk. My first thought was that I hadn’t subscribed to Ancestry, but then my second thought was perhaps I’d been on the site, but ages ago.

UnderCover Boss and Dragons Den are Back

I’m not the sort of person who avidly watches much TV as I am a bit of a channel hopper, that’s if we’re not on laptops, watching a film or Dave is playing MW2 on the Xbox. There are two shows that have started this week though that I really love to watch and I’ve made sure they are on series link record on the Sky box.

Last night saw the start of the new series of Undercover Boss. I did a post last year just before it started and it was a great series and would have been a good eye opener for business owners. Last night’s episode was about Best Western Hotels who are aiming to become the biggest mid range hotel chain in the UK by partnering up with privately run hotels who will get bookings through Best Western while still remaining in control. Best Western ensures that regular checks are done on the hotels to make sure they are up to the acceptable standard for guests. The Chief Executive went undercover and visited a few of the hotels in the chain to find out what actually happens outside the board room.

The New Look BBC News

Today the BBC News has launched its brand new look and with anything associated with a huge web super power like the BBC everyone looks on with interest as to what direction they have taken that can steer the next generation of website design.

I am a regular reader of the BBC News site and it is the site I will read while having my lunch to catch up on current affairs and get my daily dose of news. First impressions of the new site are mixed. I was kind of expecting something amazing, but I’m not sure and I feel that the old site was very good and didn’t really need changing. At the end of the day its a news site and it is there to provide the latest information to the public while upholding a professional image. I’m not sure how much the redesign cost but at the end of the day that’s licence fee payers money so I’d like to see it being well spent.

Naylor Hens Update

It was about 3 months ago, back in April that we got the Naylor Welsummer hens, so I thought it might be worth doing a bit of an update. It’s certainly an experience keeping hens and can be very rewarding.

Initially we kept the hens inside their run for about a week so that they could get used to us and get used to their new home. They settled in quickly and it got to the point where we knew they were ready to explore as they were getting quite noisy confined to their run. Letting them out into the garden was a little scary as the vet had suggested that we didn’t clip their wings in case they still needed to fly up to get away from cats. (btw the chickens and the cats get on fine and they leave each other well alone) Our garden is mainly enclosed but we made sure any exits were blocked and opened up the run.