June, 2010 Archive

What’s Wrong with the England Team?

After watching a dismal performance by the England team in this year’s World Cup, not even getting into the quarter finals, questions have to asked in the England camp as to what went wrong. It wasn’t as if they played like the lions that they are meant to be, and beaten by supreme quality, but they let the whole country down with their lack lustre performances.

Congratulations to BlueGlass Inc

It’s not often on my blog that I will write about the search marketing industry that we are part of, but the events of this week have really interested me from a company management perspective. I am talking of the massive merger of Dave Snyder, Chris Winfield, Loren Baker, Brent Csutoras who are huge names in their respective fields in the USA and internationally, who’s respective companies are now are part of BlueGlass Inc.

Have a Crap Day by Jez Rose

We have recently launched two new websites at Bronco for Jez Rose, who is an international speaker on customer service but also is a qualified canine and wolf specialist. A bit of an odd combination but that’s what makes it different and interesting. When Jez first contacted us I did a bit of research and found out all about his customer service ethos and how using his previous comedy stand-up experience gives really entertaining but informative training and talks on how to improve customer service. He has also written a book so one of the first things I did was buy the book.

Change Management

Anyone running a business will know that change management is a key factor if you want to implement any changes that will affect the staff or customers. It’s a very hard thing to do and I kind of relate it to “trying to please everyone”. If a change takes place you want to make sure everyone sees it as a positive move.

Over the last week or so I have been thinking about this more and more as the new Con-Lib Government wade in with a whole host of changes. Have they worked on their change management procedures and thought about the potential negative impact of making the changes that they are planning. The biggest change so far is the big plan to cut public spending by a massive amount. It kind of sounds easy and sensible as it’s just the “public sector”, and we do need to save a vast amount of money as a country. But the “public sector” is a big thing and it’s not just saving money on paper clips in Whitehall, it means savings that will not only affect public servants but a wider sector of businesses and individuals.