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Important Factors of Search Marketing

So Search Marketing as we know it is anything to do with online marketing, and the main areas are Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay per Click (PPC), but what are the important factors to consider if you are heading into a search marketing campaign. Day to day I deal with many enquiries that we get for search marketing work, some that we turn into clients, some that can’t afford our services so opt for a cheaper route (btw, I believe you get what you pay for) and some that I actually tell them that SEO or PPC really isn’t for them.

Firstly as a business you need to think about what customers or visitors that you can handle. If you are a photographer for instance in an area there really is no point wanting to rank for “wedding photographer in Reading” if you can only handle perhaps around 100 customers throughout the year as you won’t get your money back, and be constantly dealing with enquiries you can’t cope with. Also you may get a number 1 position but will generally appear below the fold underneath the mass of local listings. You’re much better at opting for PPC so you can switch it on and switch it off as you need bookings. Another consideration is that if you were say number 1 for “beds” can your logistics cope with the number of orders that you will receive from the traffic? If you can’t then your business will suffer as you will end up with very poor customer service and a bad online reputation. So it’s important to work out what amount of traffic you can realistically handle as it’s harder to turn off organic SEO ranking than it is PPC.

Election Day Has Arrived

So it’s finally here, May 6th, Election Day. It seems that with all the media coverage over the last 4 weeks that it was never going to get here, and seems that the political parties have been campaigning for years and not months.

There are 42000 polling stations opening their doors across the UK as I type to await the registered voters to turn up and mark a cross in a box. What has been surprising during this election campaign is the reaction to the three TV debates that were aired that have brought about a big rise in the popularity of the Liberal Democrats due to Nick Clegg’s success in the TV debates. When I say success this is based on the polls of who “won” the TV debates, which is more like winning a beauty contest or personality contest.