April, 2010 Archive

The Fellow, Kings Cross – London

With the closure of the UK airspace following the Icelandic volcano eruption, getting a train out of Kings Cross was a nightmare. We were in London today for a meeting and I’d prebooked the train tickets with seats reserved on the 5pm train for the return journey. I’d left plenty of time for the meeting, as sometimes these things run on, but we’d expected to be able to jump on an earlier train and grab a seat if needed.

We got back to Kings Cross just before 3pm and there was a train waiting to depart back to York. There were lines of ticket inspectors on the platform checking your ticket before you got on the train and when I showed him our tickets he was concerned that we didn’t have a seat reservation as 1st class was rammed, but he said we could go and have a look for ourselves but advised we waited until the 5pm train for a seat. We had a look, and he was right. No seats, lots of people standing.. it looked like a nightmare and we didn’t fancy 2 hours on the train stood in the corridor by the toilets.

Private Tutors in Yorkshire

Back in December last year I did a post about my decision to get a private tutor in Ripon for my eldest son, and I thought it was about time for an update. Miles has now had a private tutor once a week for an hour since just before Christmas. It has worked out really well and it’s well worth the extra money, and having to rearrange our weekends to fit in with the time slots.

We found Richard, who tutors Miles, via Chatterton Tuition which is run by Sara Chatterton. Chatterton Tuition took all the details of what we were looking for and the type of level Miles was at and then recommended a qualified tutor to us. It was really easy and it was the following week that Richard started. Miles was initially quite nervous about his new tutor, but he was settled within minutes of the first hour session starting.

Tilly Has Laid an Egg!

So in my last post I was explaining how we got 3 Welsummer hens at the weekend and hadn’t had an egg yet. We weren’t that bothered as we knew it may take them a bit of time to get settled and comfortable.

Anyway when I got back from work today with the kids they rushed into the garden to check for eggs and then to my amazement came racing back around shouting they there was an egg. I say it was Tilly (my hen) that laid the egg as she has the reddest comb and that is a sign apparently of “coming of age”.

Welsummer Hens at the Naylor’s

Some of you may recall that last Christmas Dave bought me an Eglu (modern day chicken coop) as I’ve gone on about getting some hens for a while now.

This weekend once the weather had started to get better we finally got organised and sorted out part of the garden, and set up the Eglu and the run. Then we went and got ourselves some chickens, they are Welsummer Bantams. They will be free range chickens eventually once we shore up the boundaries of the garden but for the time being they will be staying in their run. If you don’t want your garden totally trashed then the best way is to create an area that they can be kept in, so we have sectioned off an area with wooden border, taken up the grass, and added lots of bark chippings. What you need to do every few weeks is rake out the soiled bark chippings and replace it with fresh.

I Can Guess Your Age!


Time for a bit of Friday magic. I am about to guess your age… just follow the simple instructions below

1. First of all, choose a number, more than 1 but less than 10

2. Multiply this number by 2 (just to make it a little harder)

3. Add 5

4. Now multiply it by 50 — I’ll wait while you get the calculator

5. Then if you have already had your birthday this year add 1760 … if you haven’t, add 1759

6. Now subtract the four digit year that you were born, eg 1975

So you should have a three digit number….

The first digit of this was your original number

and the second two numbers should be your age…. are they??