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What is Facebook Good For?

Facebook is obviously a huge social networking site but in our household we rarely use it for that and I very rarely logon apart from maybe once a month to update my status with something random and check on my friends. We are Twitterers .. but even Twitter is starting to do my head in a bit with the constant waffle that fills my feed with people tweeting out news that is not new.

Facebook has one good thing and that is some of the applications. There are thousands of applications on Facebook, some utter rubbish but others are quite fun and have the similar principles of running a business.

How to Control Your Workload

It’s been 2 days in the office since I spent last week in New York and I’m please to say that I’m all caught up and even further ahead than where I was before we left, even though I brought extra work back with me from the conference following a couple of productive meetings.

So how did that happen? Well not by magic by any means … but partly by lots of planning before I went to New York including getting the SEO schedule all planned out before I went ready for April, and getting all the scheduled web projects passed onto the team to work on while I was away.

Business Class Flights on Continental Airlines

On the recent trip to New York we flew with Continental Airlines out of Manchester. Originally we were booked on British Airways out of Heathrow, but as fate would have it the day we were due to fly was the day that the BA Strike started and guess what, our flight was cancelled.

As I was super organised, as soon as the dates of the BA strikes were announced and I found out we may be affected I went straight onto BA for a refund for the original flights and re-booked with Continental. That was on the Friday, and on the Monday it was confirmed which flights would be cancelled and ours was one of them. Lucky that I booked when I did with Continental, as the price of the flights doubled over the weekend.

A Week in New York

Last week we went to New York for the Search Engine Strategies conference where Dave had a few sessions to do. We had a great week and even had spare time to go and do some sight seeing. Luckily we picked a perfect day to tour the city and the sun shone. Here are a few of the places we saw, including Times Square, Broadway, Central Park, 5th Avenue, Grand Central Station, the Empire State Building, Ground Zero, Statue of Liberty and the New York Stock Exchange. We found the easist way to get round the city was on foot, or on the Subway as the taxi drivers were crazy.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to me … yep today I’m turning the ripe old age of 35, and its Happy Birthday to my blog which is a year old today.

Its been quite a year and I have really enjoyed blogging about my experiences at work and at home. Lets hope for another busy and fun filled year!

The kids made me a cool birthday cake too …

birthday cake