February, 2010 Archive

Symptoms of a Stroke

It’s strange how much you end up learning and taking on board when someone you know is suffering. On Tuesday my Great Uncle David had a major stroke and is currently in critical care in hospital and it’s not looking good. It’s really sad as it was only a couple of months ago that his wife Joyce (my Great Aunt) died after 7 weeks, once being diagnosed with multiple brain tumors.

Once I heard of Uncle David’s stroke I was straight on the internet to find out more about strokes and especially what to spot in case I am ever in a situation where it happens to someone else I know and love.
(Update 21/2/10 – sadly my uncle passed away yesterday – RIP)

Why I Love My Job

I suppose the first thing to do is define my job. I have a job title of Director of Client Services at Bronco which my sister Amanda and brother in law Kelvin, who are both in traditional marketing, gave me. They are both really cool people and know their stuff. (If you see any of the Cooperative Food adverts on TV Amanda does these, and Kelvin when he worked for the Cooperative Bank came up with the strapline “Good with Money” which is now used across their branding – “Good with Food” etc)

But what does the Director of Client Services do… or more to the point what do I do. Today was similar to most of my days. My general role in the company is to organise pretty much everything; maintain and communicate with SEO clients, talk to, propose to, and bring on new SEO clients, spec out complex web projects for the web dev clients and manage the build through to the launch and beyond, oversee the PPC side of the company, oversee the content and content writers, oversee the accounts and invoicing and look after the HR. Oh, the guys at work will also see my role as the person who gets ASDA to deliver lots of chocolate biscuits to the company and organise the company outings. I also have a big task of organising Dave to get to conferences and to do what he does best day to day – SEO. He says that I am actually the only person that will make him do something 🙂

Robin Hoods Bay in Winter

Robin Hoods Bay is a small village on the east coast of North Yorkshire a few miles from Whitby and over the years has become a really popular tourist trap due to wide coverage in travel guides and magazines. My family have been going to Robin Hoods Bay for around 70 years and have owned a string of cottages there. My 87 year old grandmother (B) lives there in a cottage overlooking the sea that dates back to 1648 and we love to go and visit as it’s a home from home.

Six Million Buttons – Ripon Cathedral

There has been an exhibition running for the last few weeks at Ripon Cathedral (ends next weekend) to coincide with the Holocaust Memorial Day, which is an international day of remembrance for the victims and survivors of the Holocaust genocides. Today we decided we should go and see it.

The six million buttons on display, in the art installation by Leeds based Antonia Stowe, represent each Jew that was killed during the Holocaust in Europe between 1933 and 1945. Every button represents a life lost.

SkyScanner & FlightMapping – nearly perfect!

For a while now I have been going on about my perfect Flight Comparison site and at the time when I was booking Dave’s flights to A4U Munich last month I really needed a site that enabled me to see which airports in a certain region of the country flew direct to a certain destination. Thanks to Elaine for suggesting Flight Mapping which did the job nicely. It works where you basically state the country that you are in and most importantly where you want to go and it will work out where you can get a direct flight from without having to trawl through different airport and airline sites.