February, 2010 Archive

Looking Ahead to March

I can’t quite believe that February is just about over. Even though it’s only a few days shorter than most months it really seems to have flown by. Monday will be the 1st which is always a busy day for me at Bronco as I make sure the entire schedule is in place for the SEO clients, that the reports for the previous month are progressing and I help out Janet, who does our accounts, by getting the majority of the invoices sent.

We have a couple of new clients starting in March on the SEO side, as well as a site due to go live on Tuesday, and then new web projects to get started. It’s no different really from any other month at Bronco as we manage to find resources to handle more and more work efficiently to continue to grow.

Bankers Bonuses – Are They Right?

There has been much debate today as to whether the bankers (boo hiss) deserve their extraordinary levels of bonus payouts. The bank in question today is RBS which reported a loss for 2009 of £3.6 billion which is a pretty staggering amount, but not as much as the £24 billion it lost in 2008.

The bonus payouts at RBS, which is 84% owned by the UK taxpayers after they got bailed out in the banking crisis, total £1.3 billion. It is a huge amount of money and the debate goes on whether the bankers should be getting any bonuses at all when they have such massive debts and when they are still making a loss. In the “real” business world you get a bonus if, a) you have a really kind boss 🙂 or b) the company has made good profits the previous year. But to pay out bonuses which are only going to increase the debt and reduce the profits of a company seems a bit crazy.

A Steady Growth of a Company

Tonight the boss of Toyota, Akio Toyoda, went in front of the US Congress to apologise about the safety problems that have arisen on many of the Toyota car models, that have caused fatalities and a massive international recall. I have always believed that if something has gone wrong that the best thing that you can do is apologise rather than try to make excuses, and he was very humble in his speech.

One of the main reasons he gave for the safety problems that have occurred was that he believed,

“We pursued growth over the speed at which we were able to develop our people and our organisation and we should be sincerely mindful of that.”

How to Become Powerful

There are many ways to become powerful and many different meanings of the word power, but there are fundamental groundings that need to be achieved before you can reach any position of power. I would class myself as someone in a position of power, not only as the owner of a company but also in the position that I put myself in daily at work and at home. This doesn’t mean to say that Dave too doesn’t share the power but maybe in a slightly different way. Dave does have the ultimate power in Bronco, but he passes much of his authority onto me as a symbol of his power, but also acknowledging my power.

Political Backstabbing

It really does annoy me with all of the negative press that is banded around in the media, rather than trying to focus on the real political issues in hand. This happens more and more these days and you realise why the general public just don’t have a clue what is going on in politics. Gone are the days of getting down to setting out the real policies and changes that will be made to the country, to more column inches in the papers given to what MP’s get up to in their spare time.

I haven’t read all of the full accounts of what is being said about Gordon Brown behind the scenes of No. 10, but part of me really doesn’t care … then part of me does care. It has been reported / alleged that Gordon Brown will often lose his temper, maybe throw things and on occasion grab or shove the nearest person to him. He sounds like a bit of a hard nut! But in a sense isn’t this the sort of person that we want as a leader, rather than a dithering idiot or yes man?