January, 2010 Archive

Amazing Places in the World

It’s thanks to Miles tonight for pointing out an amazing picture on the front page of Bing. I still haven’t been converted to using Bing as my search engine of choice, but this has made me set Bing as one of my default tabs in Firefox along with my Blog, Dave’s blog, Bronco’s home page and my Twitter page.

This amazing place is the Transfiguration Cathedral, Kizhi Island in Karelia, Russia.

It Really Is Cold Out There

If you are wondering if it is cold out there, then I can simply say yes it is for sure. In fact it is freezing as the UK is experiencing one of the coldest winters in many decades.

The big snow came on the night before Christmas Eve and has stayed here ever since with more and more snow falling. Now the freezing temperatures, (last night it was down to around -8 degrees C) are turning everything into an ice rink. Councils are nearly out of salt and grit and there is some rationing going on to factories of gas. Tonight in some parts of the UK the temperatures will drop to -20 degrees C.

Cheap Car Insurance

We all want some of that don’t we … some cheap car insurance!

The way it works out with my car is that my car insurance comes up for renewal on the 7th January which is really annoying as its a really busy time, and the last thing I want to be doing is sifting through all the car insurance companies to find the best deal, juggling different excess amounts and entering your details into all those annoying comparison sites.

Review of the Decade

The last post that I did was a Review of the Year picking out the highlights of the 2009. Last year was a very busy, but very enjoyable year and a culmination of the hard work that we have been putting in over the last ten years really. This has led me to dig out the old photo albums (life before Flickr) and remind myself what has sculpted the journey so far.