December, 2009 Archive

Flashbay USB Key Series Flash Drives

If you are looking for a cool promotional product then I can recommend checking out Flashbay and taking a look at their Key Series USB Flash Drives. I have just had some Bronco ones made that we have given to all the guys as a little pre-Christmas present. They are awesome as they neatly fit onto your normal keyring so you will never be wondering where you put your USB stick when you need it.

What I was really impressed with was the level of customer service that Flashbay provided. Anyone who knows me will know that I am a big believer in giving good customer service and get annoyed at how many companies these days forget how important it is.

Ripon Rugby Club Website Project

It’s odd how things change and how situations develop, but today we have been asked to take down the website that we created for Ripon Rugby Club which was part of our long standing support for the club that spans a decade.

Ripon Rugby Club is an amateur club that relies on the help and support of many individuals and businesses to be able to provide the coaching to the players and to run a successful club. Bronco got involved with the rugby club back in 2000 (before Dave and I even owned the company) and Dave & Ben built the first web presence for the club. Back in 2000 it was quite rare for a sports club to have a website, let alone one that could record the fixtures and match reports, and for an amateur club they have always outstripped the online presence of any other club in their league.

Charlie Bit My Finger

This video has been around for a couple of years now but its brilliant and everytime the kids go on YouTube to look at “funny” videos they will always go to this one, its a classic. Amazing that its had nearly 140,000,000 views.

How Important Are School League Tables?

Everything these days is rated and ranked and given a score. But does the score always reflect the true picture of performance especially when it is taken as an average with many factors involved.

Last week the League Table scores for my kids primary school were released, and I had previously believed that their school was one with a high rating and a good standing in Ripon. But looking at the league tables their school is one of the worst performers in the city. That’s not great!

Does Botox Work?

That has been a question that I have been wondering for a while, as you hear so much about Botox in the media these days with every celeb going for Botox injections in every part of their body. One of the celebs you see a lot of at the moment is Simon Cowell who has done Botox for years and even convinced Gordon Ramsey to go under the needle.

Anyway in the answer to the question… Does Botox Work? … I can happily say YES, after I had Botox treatment just over 2 weeks ago. I have waited to blog about it until I was convinced that it did work and made a difference, and wasn’t just an expensive 10 minutes getting pricked.