November, 2009 Archive

How to Make Sausage Casserole

The perfect meal for a cold wintery day, that is the ideal treat to warm you up. I have been making sausage casserole for about 10 years and each time I make it, its slightly different but over the years I have realised that there are some key ingredients that make it gorgeous. We don’t have sausage casserole that often as you have you make sure you shop specifically for it, but when we do we could eat it all week!

You will need:

Really good sausages x 8-10
A large red onion
A red and orange pepper

Whitby Gazette to be Subscription Only

It looks like Johnston Press has taken the leap to trial a subscription paywall model for the websites of a few of its local newspapers, one of them being The Whitby Gazette. The other papers to have their websites locked down will be The Worksop Guardian, The Northumberland Gazette and the Ripley & Heanor News.

The local paper in Ripon is also owned by Johnston Press and runs off the same clunky and slow website platform. With a population of around 15,000 I would expect the readership of the Ripon Gazette to be under 10,000 if you perhaps include lots of outlying villages, but surely if you are going to have people subscribing to a service you at least need to make the website attractive and usable, and for the journalism to be good?

What are Shag Bands?

It was a few weeks ago on the BBC Breakfast News that I heard about “shag bands” , but at that time in the morning they were struggling to say the real name for them until one of the guests who ran a website selling them named them.

In the couple of weeks leading up the story on the news the “shag bands” had been entering primary schools which caused general outrage when teachers and parents found out what they were and has ended up them being a banned product. The only problem was that the kids just like them for what they are… multi coloured jelly bracelets.

Wasting Taxpayers Money

I did a post the other day about how Ripon Council demanded a bigger and better Christmas tree as they didn’t think the original one was big enough, and low and behold a new one appears. Now that is a total waste of tax payers money, and to think that people will spend more money in the Ripon shops at Christmas because the tree is bigger is utter nonsense.

Today I have read about another waste. The small Devon resort of Ilfracombe has undergone a rebrand and has spent £5000 on a logo, which is receiving complaints now as part of it looks like a sperm.

Growing in a Recession

This week we have been getting the financial Year End for 2008 – 2009 all finished and packaged up ready to send to the accountants to file with Companies House. Our financial year runs from the 1st July to the 30th June and it is normally around the end of November when we can archive the year on Sage and close that year. It’s always an interesting period to finally see the end figures of the previous hard working year and we have been very pleased with the results.