October, 2009 Archive

A4U Expo London Diary

After a day at the office catching up from being in London this week with Dave for the A4UExpo conference I thought I’d do a blog about it. Dave was doing 2 SEO sessions during the conference, which ended up being 3 as he stood in as Yahoo in the Meet the Search Engines panel too. If we are both going to a conference we always try to book our travel arrangements around the session times so that we can get there and get back as “efficiently” as possible, while allowing time to network and take in the full conference too.

What’s the Point of Spam Emails?

Over the last 6 months or so I have seen the number of spam emails I get increase and its really starting to do my head in. I just don’t see the point these days of people or companies sending out mass emails of what I would class as utter crap, do they really make a good living out of it? I am constantly trying to clear out my inbox at home on either my laptop or Blackberry so that when I log on to my email at work I can quickly get on with the real emails rather than wading through loads of spam.

Google Suggests

Tonight I was just doing some random searches on Google, as you do, when its a Friday night and nothing better to do.

It didn’t surprise me when Dave came up in Google Suggest when you got to “dave n”

Rebranding a Company – Bronco

The branding of a company is really important to make a mark and to give the right message to customers. The brand of a company tends to fall to the company logo, and then can be represented in a website, offline marketing and perhaps merchandise.

Dave and I have owned Bronco for nearly 7 years now and Dave created our logo all those years ago. I’m not sure how the logo really came about originally, but I can imagine Dave typing the company name into Fireworks (or maybe Corel Draw at the time) and choosing a font that he thought looked a bit techy, and making it blue. Over the years the Bronco logo has changed slightly from flat lettering to the most recent where it got a bit of a shine and depth.

Busy Bees Childcare Vouchers

Recently at Bronco we have introduced a Childcare Voucher Scheme that we run with Busy Bees. This is an addition to the other benefits that we offer staff and allows employees with children, who attend registered childcare providers, to benefit from some assistance toward the cost of childcare. As a parent of 2 boys, who have both been in nurseries, after school clubs and holiday clubs since they were 6 months old I can totally appreciate the big strain the cost of childcare can put on a family. I reckon that I have probably spent close to £100,000 on childcare costs over the last 9 years.