October, 2009 Archive

My New Look Blog

After 6 months of blogging on BeckyNaylor.co.uk, and with the rebranding of the Bronco and David Naylor logo’s we thought it was time to move away from the old templated blog design that I had and get one created especially for me.

Thanks to Kean at Bronco for coming up with the design, while managing to incorporate my flowers which I really love… you’ve done a great job as ever. The functionality on the blog hasn’t changed that much, but you will now be able to see your faces in the comments on the posts if you have a Gravatar set up. Also we have made the main home page shorter by only displaying the beginning of the posts so that the load times will increase when I have long posts with lots of pictures in.

My blog is now officially part of the Bronco family so I will always aim to keep my blog honest and informative, and hopefully at times entertaining. I’ll still be covering the same topics as before to give you glimses of my life running a growing business, as well as how I manage to spend lots of time with my kids too. So enjoy…

Royal Mail Strike Will Mark the End

The whole strike philosophy that the Unions have has never made a great deal of sense to me. Strikes always occur when the economy is at its lowest and business decisions have to be made that sometimes are not always favoured by the employees. But by going on strike I don’t quite know what is achieved apart from harming the business itself.

Take the Royal Mail for instance who are at the moment in talks with the CWU (Communication Workers Union) trying to come to an agreement to avert the national UK postal strikes due to take place tomorrow and Friday. I’m not sure if some of the workforce understand the severity of their action and probably just treat it as a free day off … like when heavy snow hits and you can’t get to work.

Fantastic Customer Service

I received an email this evening from one of our SEO clients, who are a high profile international company, and it made me smile when out of the blue it was mentioned that we give “fantastic customer service”. This is one of the things that Dave and I have strived to achieve and it’s a really important factor to the company’s success that we instil into the team.

So I’d like to thank the guys at Bronco for maintaining the high levels of customer service that we consistently try to provide to clients of all our departments. We try to set ourselves apart from many companies as we do not have tiers of account managers, business development or project managers. We are able to do this due to the steady growth of the company, having a skilled team and we do not overload ourselves with too many clients.

When do the Clocks go Back?

**Note** This is the information for 2009, if you are looking for 2010 got to When do the Clocks Go Back 2010

For anyone wanting to know when you’re going to get that precious extra hour in bed when the clocks go back this month, the day the clocks go back is

Sunday 25th October at 1am

So don’t forget to reset your clocks before you go to bed, and lets hope the kids realise that they get an extra hour asleep too.

Just for future reference the clocks always go forwards in Spring on the last Sunday in March, and go backwards on the last Sunday in October.
Spring forward, Fall back!

A New Dwarf Russian Hamster

Today after a trip to Harrogate in Bob the Camper Van we stopped off at the big Pets at Home just to get some cat food and ended up coming home with a new dwarf Russian Hamster. She was so cute that when we saw her on display we couldn’t resist. We used to have a hamster up until about a year ago but that one met a terrible fate, and because this new one is a dwarf breed we needed a new cage and all the new kit. So we left Pets at Home after about half an hour laden down. The new little hamster is still nameless and settling in, here are her first pics.