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Is a University Education Worth it?

With loads of people heading off this week to start their University courses there are still questions being raised about the funding that is given (or not given) and the worth of a degree. The business leaders for the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) have said that students should pay more back on their loans and accept higher tuition fees. I do agree with them that a university education is an investment for the nation and for the individual, but I can’t quite see why the individual has to make such a big financial investment, as well as their time. The country needs to be producing more skilled workers for sure so that we have our own stocks of employees, rather than depending on the immigration system, but we need to be making sure that we are producing the right skills, trades and crafts for a strong future.

Making the Most of Your Time

This is something that I am constantly trying to do to make sure I fit in everything that needs to be done aswell as spending quality time with the kids and Dave.

People often ask how Dave and I manage to work together and be very happily married at the same time. I suppose it doesn’t come easily but we wouldn’t change it for anything, especially the excitement that comes with running your own business. Even though that we do work together we don’t see each other all the time throughout the day, and anyone who knows Dave will know that he gets transfixed with his dual monitors. Years ago when we used to all work in the same office in the old building we used to sit next to each other and I still used to IM him to see if he wanted to go for lunch 🙂

A strange time

It is now 9 minutes past 9, on the 9th of the 9th in 2009

Debenhams to use Twitter for Customer Service

Its been revealed today that Debenhams is the first store in the UK to adopt Twitter as a method of increasing their customer service in store. This is a pretty unique way for a business to adopt the popular social networking site and put it to greater use than just using it to gossip and update friends.

The plan is that Debenhams’ customers will be able to send messages via Twitter which will be picked up and responded to by a team of assistants on the shop floor kitted out with Blackberrys. The concept is being sold as having the equivalent of a dedicated shop assistant with you, and being launched at the MegaSale tomorrow on Oxford Street, London.