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How do People find

I did a post back in June about the Organic traffic that my Blog was receiving and today I’ve been having a look at my Analytics and thought I’d do an update on where we’re at.

I reported at getting 796 visits in the previous month with 196 coming from Google organic. I’ve been busy blogging about many things and in the last month my visit numbers is up to 2512 with 1426 visits coming from organic searches. I’m pretty pleased with the upturn in 3 months, but I know that my site shrinks into insignificance if you put it up against Dave’s blog (last month DavidNaylor got over 100,000 visits) .. but its all worth the effort.

Am I a Workaholic?

I often wonder what the answer to that question is and I may already know the answer that it is most definitely YES. But these days, especially working on the internet, isn’t it becoming more normal to be constantly doing something that touches on work?

What with Blackberry’s, mobile broadband, Wifi everywhere, lots of email addresses and all the social networking sites especially Twitter, can you ever get away from some sort of work? For me it may be different to others since running an internet company means you have to be even more in touch with what’s going on, but even still it may be nice once in a while to switch off.

Broadband Tax to be Introduced in the UK

Earlier on in the year Lord Carter revealed in his Digital Britain report that there needed to be a levy placed on every Briton with a fixed line telephone. The money raised from this would be put to use to ensure that the UK meets the targets for faster internet connections and to have the ability to cope with future technologies. It is also aimed hoped that by 2012 there will be universal access to broadband throughout the UK as we still have remote areas that can’t get connected. The new measures that are to be introduced are to follow the guidelines set out as described below:

The Importance of a Good Website

It still surprises me that some companies, even the big ones, have websites that they must cringe ever so slightly at when they look at them … or am I being uber critical? It’s good for us at Bronco though as we love nothing better that revamping an old, tired looking website.