August, 2009 Archive – You’re Amazing

It’s not that often that I am really amazed by shopping online as it’s becoming a bit of the norm for me, as I find better ways to spend my time than traipsing around the shops with moaning kids in tow.

As the last few weekends have been pretty hectic what with VW Shows, trips to the seaside and a trip to London this weekend there hasn’t been the opportunity to finish off getting all the kids school uniform that I needed for when the kids go back to school in September. I was pretty organised at the start of the summer holiday and got the bulk of the uniform then, then got them to Clarks for their school shoes, but still needed some of their sports kit, namely trainers (as they are forever growing out of theirs) and tracky bottoms.

What is the Right Sales Technique?

I was reading a blog post today on my designer Kean’s blog on his Client Tip 1: Budgets and it rang true to what we try to do on a daily basis. It’s a fine art to getting the cost of a project right for both the company doing the work and the client and all about matching expectations. As a company we can gauge how long and therefore how much labour cost it will be, and for the client they need to feel like that they have got great value for money.

Donate to Charity Through PPC

This is something that I have come across today and had a dig into it as I couldn’t believe my eyes. I have seen it before but not taken much notice of it but if you search for “donate to charity” or “donate to a charity” I was gobsmacked by how much PPC was going on in that sector.

Perseids Meteor Shower Meets Twitter

For the next 2 nights we should all be outside star gazing as the annual Perseids Meteor Shower takes place. In August every year the earth passes through the debris from the tail of the Swift Tuttle Comet. Some of the debris particles are no bigger than a grain of sand and as it makes contact with the earths atmosphere it burns up leaving a visible streak of light.