July, 2009 Archive

Microsoft Bing and Yahoo Search Deal

Today saw the inevitable happen whereby Microsoft has got its grips on Yahoo, and Yahoo finally gives up on search. Bing will become the strong rival to Google, after gaining an exclusive 10 year licence to Yahoo’s search technologies and Bing will become the organic and paid search platform on Yahoo’s sites. This deal, or a deal like this, has been on the cards for a while now and as Yahoo’s users have been slipping away it was only a matter of time.

The Importance of Good Customer Service

If you are wanting to experience good customer service then I would advise not to come shopping in Ripon …lol .. or probably not any town centre at the moment as they are pretty much as bad as each other. That’s probably a sweeping statement that will get lots of independant shop keepers up in arms but I think many need a boot up the backside sometimes as they really take customers for granted.

Morning Bob!

Yesterday afternoon Dave went over to Manchester to pick up our new 1967 VW Camper Van, and arrived back late last night after getting held up on the way there in traffic jams.

The kids were so excited when Dave turned up and were dying to sit in the drivers seat and pretent it was their van. Dave put up a few pics of Bob last night. We ended up going out for a little drive around the town before the kids went to bed. Bob is quite noisy so I think the neighbours will “love” him!