June, 2009 Archive

Banksy vs Bristol Museum

This weekend we went to Bristol specially to go and see the Banksy Exhibition at the Bristol Museum. The kids were being looked after by their grandparents so it was a great opportunity to jump on a train and head to Bristol.

You Can’t Be Serious!

Ok, so this post is nothing to do with running a business or running a home, so totally off topic … but when you are watching the Andy Murray match at Wimbledon tonight against Wawrinka the last thing you expect to see is a guy wearing eyeliner.

Getting the Kids to Sleep Early

Over the past couple of weeks I have noticed more the kids becoming more sulky and arguing more between themselves. I have been trying to figure the reason why and I have a hunch that it could be to do with a general lack of sleep. I always strive to make my kids life as good as possible and give them everything they need for a healthy, happy and safe life so its become a bit annoying / upsetting that I am having to tell them off more than normal. It may just be a phase they are going through, especially my oldest Miles (nearly 9), but who knows?