May, 2009 Archive

How to Catch up with Work

If I knew the answer I would be a genius, but it is always something that I have struggled with while we have been running Bronco and in previous jobs. I have been back at work a week now, after being in Amsterdam for a week at the A4UExpo and the Casino Affiliate Conference. Even though I was regularly checking my emails and staying in touch with the office there is a limit to the amount of work that you can do, especially when I am used to working pretty much flat out from 9am – 5pm (eating a sandwich as I carry on normally), with a bit extra on an evening once the kids are in bed and sorted.

Queens Day – Amsterdam 2009

When we were working out the plans for Amsterdam so that Dave could speak at both A4U Expo and AAC, it fitted in to fly in Monday and fly back out Saturday. In between the 2 conferences was Queens Day on the 30th April which is a public holiday that is celebrated with a huge party on the night of the 29th following with a big street fair on the 30th. Basically one minute midnight past on the 30th, people can start to mark out their pitch for their street stall and they can sell whatever they like. A bit like a huge car boot sale but without the cars. I had read a bit about it and arranged to get us some orange clothes and accessories to blend in, but I didn’t expect it to be such an amazing celebration.

A4U Expo Amsterdam Day 2

After managing not to have such a late night at the Breakout party we headed to the RAI Amsterdam for Day 2 of the A4UExpo. The first session we went to was Karl, Ben & Steven’s from the Conversion Rate Experts. They always give a good insighe into how to improve the conversion of users to website and during the site clinic gave some great tips. One of the main tips I got from the session was to think about the call to action on the Thank you page after checkout. On the majority of the sites that we build and that I use, once you have paid, you tend just to get a “Thank you” and nothing else. The best thing to have on this page is a Refer a Friend program.